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  • 51 King St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    King Street Water Pipe exposed and dangerous. Now that soft pipe in under pressure, it poses many problems to all that interact with it daily. For pedestrians, the pipe is right on the sidewalk. The metal fittings/valves jump all over anytime anybody a hundred feet in either direction drive over it. Could take someone out. I have to walk my motorcycle over it exiting driveway. A loose loop of it almost hit my toddler as her mother walked her by and a car made their 3rd attempt to drive over it. Family member bottomed out her car on it and its honestly hard to drive over it smoothly. Sidewalk is completely obsteucted in areas by clear smaller diameter tubing. Most of the hazzards are not marked at all. This project is coming at a heavy cost in dollars, and general inconvenience, as well as blatant neglect for general safety of citizens.. Lets tighten up safety and speed. I know its King St, but we pay taxes and are being billed for the work.. Do something!
  • Colchester Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    From East Ave to the Winooski Bridge the Colchester Ave corridor suffers from lack of bicycle infrastructure. There is parking on both sides of the road (door zones), the road is very tight (opposing cars often have an issue and there are many buses that travel this corridor). When a person on a bicycle tries to take the lane for safety, drivers will blow horns, pass unsafely and generally fail to yield to the bike with right of way. The only infrastructure is just a few "May Use Full Lane" signs located well off to the side of the lane behind parked cars. Sharrows are often placed poorly along the door zone. Driver's expect to see the bicyclist where the sharrow is. So sharrows should be placed in the center of the lane for an easy visual reminder that the road is shared with bicyclists. Ideally a "bike lane sharrow" like the picture would be added to help educate/remind the driver that it is shared infrastructure.
  • 355 Pearl Street Burlington, VT 05405, United States of America - Burlington Electric
    The rain, leaves, and debris in the road are filling the street from Willard to Prospect.
  • 207 Riverside Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Mattress on the riverbank.
  • 384-388 College Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    The bike lane has faded or non existent lines on College St. Specifically between Willard and Williams. Also the curb has completely disintegrated along here making it dangerous for bikes. Please replace curb.
  • 56 Booth St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Address is 56 Booth St. The driveway is off North St. There is an orange car parked off the driveway almost everyday.
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    31 Hyde St Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    why was S D Ireland not held responsible for the lake hyde problem they apparently created when re paving the street approx 5 yrs ago? you have claimed that no drains were removed and the issue was not pre-existing??
  • 660 North Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    There used to be a bike lane along this stretch of road, which has been worn away by vehicles who take the southbound right hand turn too tight. Signage has become overgrown as well. Please re-stripe this lane and trim trees around signage. The fact that the lane has been worn away points to the real need for a visual cue so that drivers give space on this blind turn!
  • 426 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Sewer grate on the steep uphill section of Colchester Ave is not level with the road. This area is suppose to get bike lanes painted next week and this is directly in the bike lane on a very steep section. Please fix this so people on bicycles can smoothly ride over this area.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    17-19 Home Avenue Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Almost impossible with a stroller
  • Traffic Calming Acknowledged
    N Winooski Ave & Pearl St Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    It would be great if we can get some kind of concrete barrier or a planter in that spot so people realize that there is not a right hand turn lane nor is there two lanes going forward anymore.
  • 544-576 Pine Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This particular location is at Pine & Locust but this is a citywide issue. Only a very few stops have bike parking presently.