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  • 210 Shelburne St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Yet another car blocking the sidewalk at the Spot restaurant.
  • 160 Flynn Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Westbound bike lane is full of rocks, sand, and other debris. Made it tricky riding safely down to the park with my 3 children. It would be great if it was swept.
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    19 West Rd Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    Please take a look at the property at 19 West Rd. The property has looked like this for months on end. The family is well known and blatantly running a business in a residential zone. They have multiple trucks, trailers, electric cars and various car parts, and countless other items cluttering their property. Complaints about the trailers have been on SeeClickFix previously by other contributors, as they park them on other streets, such as Tracy Dr at times.

    Not only does this family have items at their address, but additionally at other homes on the street, including the backyard of 72 West Rd. You will find additional electric cars in the backyard there.

    The trailers house their business equipment for construction and industrial style lawn care equipment. Not your typical homeowner equipment for personal use.

    Please look into this, as things only get more spread out as the warm weather approaches.

    Thank you.

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    150 Cherry St Burlington 05401 United States - Burlington Electric
    City issued an encumbrance permit to New Moon that allows them to block access to almost this entire bike rack, making it unusable. Please move the rack to a better location & also reverse the installation so it is accessible from the street. Bikes are not allowed on sidewalks downtown & current configuration is difficult to access for many users.
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    Flynn Ave Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Flynn Ave is becoming a venue for drag racing and other dangerous show-off car & motorcycle shenanigans. At 208 Flynn, someone is holding a "gathering" tonight for low cars with extra loud mufflers. The cars are driving excessively fast and not stopping for pedestrians. A woman and her dog were almost hit. Kids crossing the road needed to run. The noise levels seem way past city ordinance. A neighbor shared that the police couldn't do much and when they left the drivers were right back in the streets. Here are photos of the skid marks on Flynn Ave by City Market. PLEASE do not let this event happen in our residential area again. Flynn Ave already has way too much traffic with 18 wheelers driving up and down 24 hours a day as well as all the new business traffic.
  • 282 Colchester Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    This pedestrian crossing is completely lacking. Cars park right to the edge of the crosswalk (as seen in the photo) preventing cars from seeing pedestrians trying to cross the road, tree branches hang down on the one side and block the pedestrian crossing sign once the leaves come back in. A good majority of the people don't even use the crossing and instead cross slightly up the street at Kampus Kitchen (as can be seen in the photo). Cars travel well over the 25mph limit here, refuse to stop even while pedestrians are trying to cross and there is very poor visibility at night. At minimum this needs a pedestrian activated flashing light like Main St in front of Edmunds. Also consider moving this to in front of Kampus Kitchen and adding bump outs for enhanced pedestrian safety. This is the only crossing between East Ave and the Winooski Bridge intersection which is a long distance.
  • Lake Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    There has always been a problem with speeding/racing on Lake Street in the warmer months... usually packs of motorcycles with exhaust so loud it rattles the windows and nearly blows out the eardrums of the residents who live on this street. And it often happens later at night after most of the pedestrians have cleared out and when there is no police presence. The amount of all hours traffic down here has definitely increased with the Lake Street Extension and new skatepark. Some speed humps in the vicinity of 200-216 Lake Street to slow people down would be helpful.
  • Colchester Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    From East Ave to the Winooski Bridge the Colchester Ave corridor suffers from lack of bicycle infrastructure. There is parking on both sides of the road (door zones), the road is very tight (opposing cars often have an issue and there are many buses that travel this corridor). When a person on a bicycle tries to take the lane for safety, drivers will blow horns, pass unsafely and generally fail to yield to the bike with right of way. The only infrastructure is just a few "May Use Full Lane" signs located well off to the side of the lane behind parked cars. Sharrows are often placed poorly along the door zone. Driver's expect to see the bicyclist where the sharrow is. So sharrows should be placed in the center of the lane for an easy visual reminder that the road is shared with bicyclists. Ideally a "bike lane sharrow" like the picture would be added to help educate/remind the driver that it is shared infrastructure.
  • 355 Pearl Street Burlington, VT 05405, United States of America - Burlington Electric
    The rain, leaves, and debris in the road are filling the street from Willard to Prospect.
  • 75 Spring St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    The surface is uneven and below grade creating an unsafe surface. Please explain the DPW policy on road repairs...it seems that it is: fix shoddily, wait for citizens to notice, repair the repair 1-2 more times, wait and see if there are still complaints. This is among 5-10 other similar road "repair" conditions across town.
  • 351-455 North Ave Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Flatbed truck blocking the bike lane & part of the main travel lane. Forklift blocking the sidewalk. There was zero signage warning anyone that this was happening. No flagger or any staff on the street. Super dangerous for all road users, especially since they were doing it during the morning rush (time stamp is an hour off, I need to adjust for daylight savings time). This was yesterday, so obviously don't waste time sending someone out, but please check in with the contractor and let them know this on not ok.
  • Pothole Archived
    517-605 North Ave Burlington, VT 05408, USA - Burlington Electric
    Recently completed repair work already failing & undermined. Running parallel to the bike lane, this needs immediate attention before someone gets hurt