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    52 Peru Street Burlington, VT 05401, United States of America - Burlington Electric
    All the "greenspace" traffic calming areas on Peru street are in total disrepair. They are full of trash, painted with graffiti, and the reflective barriers are either loose, woobly, missing, or the tape is peeling. Every single one of them on Peru street.
  • 405 Pine Street Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    There is plenty of car parking at the new BCA space, but no bike rack. When dropping my kids at camp this morning we had to go across the street to lock at the one in front of Arts Riot. That sounds convenient until you consider where the cross walks are.
  • 160 Flynn Avenue Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    Westbound bike lane is full of rocks, sand, and other debris. Made it tricky riding safely down to the park with my 3 children. It would be great if it was swept.
  • 210 Shelburne St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Yet another car blocking the sidewalk at the Spot restaurant.
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    19 West Rd Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    Please take a look at the property at 19 West Rd. The property has looked like this for months on end. The family is well known and blatantly running a business in a residential zone. They have multiple trucks, trailers, electric cars and various car parts, and countless other items cluttering their property. Complaints about the trailers have been on SeeClickFix previously by other contributors, as they park them on other streets, such as Tracy Dr at times.

    Not only does this family have items at their address, but additionally at other homes on the street, including the backyard of 72 West Rd. You will find additional electric cars in the backyard there.

    The trailers house their business equipment for construction and industrial style lawn care equipment. Not your typical homeowner equipment for personal use.

    Please look into this, as things only get more spread out as the warm weather approaches.

    Thank you.

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    88 North Winooski Avenue Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Housing violation. Damage exterior materials and expired Certificate of Compliance for Rental Housing.
  • 80 Maple St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    The title says it all - this patch is uneven and flimsy. Cars, trucks, and trailers traveling over it's bumpy edges and failing center bump and make lots of noise. And the worst is yet to come. When the plows are out this winter clearing snow this patch will slowly but surely be ripped up - piece by piece! Fix now!!
  • 227-251 Colchester Ave Burlington, VT, 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Crater size pot holes have begun to appear on Colchester Avenue above Winooski, despite almost six months of "repairs" conducted last year. Pavement laid last fall is now deteriorating and the condition of the road is now exactly what it was a year ago. Repair on this stretch was shoddy and rushed. Middle lines don't line up - bike lanes "end". Is the contractor liable?
  • 1645 North Ave Burlington Vermont - Burlington Electric
    For years parking off zoned parking area on the south side of the property. Green space damaged.
  • 124-136 S Union St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    With the new bike lane system you now can't avoid the yucky perpetual puddle that is almost always here.
  • Bridge Over 127 From Ethan Allen Park Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric

    The wooden bridge over 127 from Ethan Allen Park has algae growing on it and has become slick. It was not visibly wet, but my bike slipped out from under me as I was crossing (near the east/north end), and I have serious bruises and abrasions.

    I think it should ideally have some sort of non-slip surface added (like the ends of the bridge to Oakledge), but in the meantime I suggest power-washing and/or installing a warning sign.

  • 53 Manhattan Dr Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    The parking is not consistent with the approved zoning permit for this property. Multiple permit expired without action by the owner.