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Vấn đề Mở: 234 Vấn đề đã Đóng: 23.939 Vấn đề đã Ghi nhận: 1.393
Quan sát các vấn đề được tạo sau: 2015-04-15

Nhận Thông báo Về

  • Sidewalk Archived
    36 Westminster Dr Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    A very large limb fell from a city owned tree and is blocking the sidewalk. Please come and remove it.
  • Dead Animal Archived
    Burlington VT - Burlington Electric
    Please pick up the dead animal heading North on Rte 127 near bridge to Colchester.
  • 23 Allen Street Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Ben Flynn - would like one sidewalk panel replaced in front of his house at 23 Allen Street. Also requested the curb at the curb to be replaced.
  • Burlington VT - Burlington Electric
    Customer called to stated that he saw a vehicle that hit this sign Do Not Walk sign.
  • 315 Colchester Avenue Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Water is off on Colchester Avenue from Nash Place to Colchester Court. Unmarked old service line hit during excavation work. The crew will be working on until repaired.
  • 77 Monroe St Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    Pile of mattresses- pile of mattresses...is there a princess? Is there a pea? No, just an absent landlord... possibly? Can we have a hero to come rescue our lovely street? Hold the owner to the dragon's breath or volcano depths?!!! Help us please :)
  • 25 S Willard St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Chair dumped on greenbelt in front of 25-27 s. Willard
  • 323 College St Burlington 05401, United States - Burlington Electric
    Shoes on line. Intersection of Hungerford and College
  • 5108 Island Line Trail Burlington, VT 05401, USA - Burlington Electric
    wires sticking out of the ground near underground Communications access. along bike path North End of Waterfront Park
  • Dead Animal Archived
    Appletree Point Road Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    Requester reports carcass in road at about the 4th or 5th house down the street.
  • 1481 North Ave Burlington, Vermont - Burlington Electric
    New parking area created on the side yard now.
  • 167 Cumberland Road Burlington, VT - Burlington Electric
    The water cap in the lawn to the left hand side, facing the property of 165 Cumberland Rd half way down the driveway on the left side is missing the cap and has jagged edges. This needs to be repaired. As there is no cap not sure if is water or not.