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  • 952 East Michigan Avenue East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    The bike lanes along Mich. Ave., particularly in the west-bound direction, desperately need sweeping. There's a lot of glass and construction debris that's been piling up in addition to the usual road debris.
  • 2740 East Lansing Dr East Lansing, MI - East Lansing
    I work off of East Lansing Dr and the pot holes are just awful. I am afraid if it continues I will end up with busted tires. Please fix these!
  • Trowbridge Road East Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    Are the bicycle lanes going to be plowed at some point? It hasn't snowed significantly during the past 24hours and the bike lanes are still packed with ice and snow. I would ride in the bike lane if it was just fresh snow. But all the clumps of ice and packed snow that have been thrown onto the bike lanes make them unusable. Side walks are clear. But I'm not allowed to use them per MSU ordinance. That puts me in the car lane. Please plow the streets (the whole street) properly.
  • 3299-3499 Collins Road Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    The right side of Collins road from Dunkle to Forest has a seam/crack running most of the way that needs filling. The seam has no impact on auto traffic, however for those of us that cycle to MSU from work or classes, it is very dangerous. It is wider than a bike tire most of the way, causing tires to sink into the gap and causes riders to be thrown from their bikes. Please consider patching this, even if it is just the hot liquid tar filler.
  • 360 Forest Road Lansing, Michigan - Michigan State University
    On Forest Rd, especially between the intersection with Harrison Rd and Collins Rd, there are several soccer ball sized potholes. There are also many canyons parallel and perpendicular to the road.
    The road's condition is getting worse and worse. The current winter will leave a disastrous crater field behind. This needs to be fixed ASAP. The pictures and the video are from Summer 2013. The current conditions is way worse.
  • 1300-1320 West Grand River Avenue East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    Tree and bush branches are hanging way too far into the bike lane. The owner of this house/property should be contacted and reminded to cut back his plants. Bikes have to get out of the bike lane and merge into the regular traffic lane to avoid collision with the branches.
  • 1150 Kalamazoo Street East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    These markings are less than 1 yr. old and they're peeling off. Please replace with something more permanent. They should last several years at least. On the MSU campus they've started grinding down the asphalt a little and installing the markings in the depression to help prevent them from being scraped off by snow plows, etc. This photo was taken earlier this evening.
  • 1126 Southlawn Avenue East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    Much of the Glencairn neighborhood is dark without a truck to be seen. It looks like East Lansing is not getting much attention.
  • E Circle Dr East Lansing, MI - Michigan State University
    For just a few feet, not enough room for car and bike side-by-side in through lane. Could also be improved with pavement marking to reinforce right lane right turn only.
  • Farm Ln East Lansing, MI 48823, USA - Michigan State University
    On 11/4/10 CATA bus #540 passed a friend and I (we had the bright Planet Bike Superflash running and I was wearing a Class II safety vest) within a couple feet off our shoulders as we were riding our bikes southbound on Farm Ln. at about 7 pm. There was a car in the lane next to the bus but there was no traffic behind them; basically no reason for the bus driver to have not slowed down and waited for the car next to him to pass and then move over to avoid passing us so closely. Called in to CATA (394-1100 x236 - Operations Manager for fixed routes) and complained this morning. This was a series of similar incidents this past week that both I and other bicyclist friends have reported.
  • 801-815 West Lake Lansing Road East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    The crosswalk light at the corner of North Harrison and East Lansing has been beeping continuously since 2/24, but will not change to display a white hand regardless of the traffic light or pressing the button.
  • West Saginaw Street East Lansing, Michigan - East Lansing
    As a commuter who drives back and forth on Saginaw Hwy from Pine St (Downtown Lansing) to Haslett repeatedly throughout the week, I'm constantly reminded that the pothole minefield may throw me into another vehicle or bend a rim on my MIni any moment. In fact, I've almost been 'knocked off' by fellow drivers multiple times because of the conditions!! When is this treachery finally going to end? Saginaw Hwy was ground up long ago and never resurfaced, leaving eroding layers of chewed up concrete. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!