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Watching issues created after: 2015-04-20

The entire Tri-State area will be watching the roads and other infrastructure for any damage or malfunction. These reports will be sent weekly to the transportation dept. and/or any other necessary departments.

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  • Please Include An Accurate Address - Mohave County
  • Sr 59 Archived
    2060 S Juniper Hildale, Utah - Hildale
    This road has too much traffic for a two lane byway it needs to be twinned or have passing lanes added. Too many deaths
  • Pot Holes Archived
    1059 Acacia Drive Mohave Valley, Arizona - Willow Valley
    Entire street crumbling away...massive potholes...rim benders..HELP
  • Spencer Drive - Mohave County
    It is very obvious from they way there is constant speeding going on that sooner or later there is going to be a very serious or even a tragic accident that could happen if this problem doesn't get taken care of.
  • 18756 Spur Dr. Dolan Springs / Mohave, AZ. - Mohave County
    did you turn down the amps on the digital signal recently?
  • street light Archived
    2178 Del Rey Dr Bullhead City, AZ - Bullhead City
    street light on corner of del rey dr and malibu dr has been out about one month
  • Traffic Light Archived
    600 Block Of Telegraph St Washington, Washington, UT - Mohave County

    I know this has been changed a lot, but right now, the timing or sensor is set so that there is hardly anyone coming out of the Kohl’s parking lot and it waits and only about 3 cars in each lane are finally able to go through the left turn lane from Walmart. This is causing a number of people to run the red light (due to frustration of waiting).

    Also, I am contacting Washington City, but this light was designed wrong. Coming out of the Kohl’s/Red Robin parking lot, there should be one right turn lane, one left turn lane and one lane going straight. The majority of the people in the combination right turn/straight want to turn right and one car can back this up badly.

    Hope this is clear enough,if not, contact me directly.

  • Potholes Archived
    Sundown And Bull Mtn Rd kingman, Arizona - Mohave County
    there are a grouping of potholes that need to be filled
  • 1450 Ruby Trail Bullhead City, Arizona - Mohave Valley
    Street Light Out on corner of Chaparral Rd and Ruby St SW
  • 8017 Mohave Valley Highway Mohave Valley, Arizona - Mohave Valley
    To turn left and go East on King Street from Highway 95 the left-turn arrow will not turn green.
  • Route 59 apple valley, Utah - Mohave County
    please patrol this area. I am so tired of seeing all this loss of life due to all the reckless drivers.
  • Potholes Archived
    2204 Gates Ave Kingman, Arizona - Kingman
    Potholes between on gates ave between fairgrounds and Harrison