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  • Little Rock Trail Raleigh North Carolina - South Central
    Class Montraille
  • 713 Quarry St Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Contenuto bloccato da rifiuti.
  • Walnut Creek Trail Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    There are at least two individuals using dirt bikes on the section of Walnut Creek Trail in between State Street and Lunar Drive. I've confronted them twice now and told them that dirt bikes are prohibited on the greenways, but they persist. They ride primarily between the hours of 4-6 pm on weekdays, but also on weekends. They throw mud and gravel onto the paved portion of the trail when their tires leave the asphalt, which is a frequent occurrence.
  • 713 Quarry St Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Drug dealers rule this street. It stems at and around this address. Please increase police presence here and put an end to it.
  • Walnut Creek Trail Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    I'm so tired of seeing the Walnut Creek Trail being used for dirt biking. I find it disrespectful, as these illegal users create ruts in the grass next to the trail because they don't stay on the asphalt, throw mud and gravel onto the trail when they take shortcuts, and do this all without fear of consequences. What is the most that can be done to these habitual offenders if they're apprehended?
  • S Raleigh Blvd/Mlk Jr Blvd Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    limbs obstructing sidewalk
  • 618 Bragg St Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    618 Bragg St Raleigh. A 4 door gray or silver sedan with no plate and has all of the windows broken on it has been sitting in front of my property for 2 months now and has never moved. All of the windows have plastic covering them. It should be removed from the street it makes to the neighbor hood look more run down.
  • Walnut Creek Trail Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central

    Dirt bikers at it again. I've told them twice now that dirt bikes are not allowed on the trails. They've been using the greenway a lot since the new year, and are not showing any signs of stopping. They typically get on the trail at the Peterson/S State St entrance and get off at the Ralph Campbell Community Center located at 756 Lunar Drive.

    If the police would like to catch them in the act, it would be extremely easy: Have one officer waiting at 832 Nightshade Way (and with a clear view onto the trail) starting at 5 pm on weekdays. If they see the dirt bikers go by heading east on the trail, have them notify a second officer parked 748 Lunar Drive. The bikers won't see the squad car on Lunar Drive until they leave the parking lot of the community center, by which time their unlawful activity is obvious. If they try to escape by going back the way they came, the first officer could easily cut them off by moving onto the trail at the Nightshade Way entrance. There are no other trail exits in between the Nightshade Way and Ralph Campbell entrances.

    It's time to do something about this and make an example out of those who use the Walnut Creek Trail for illicit activity.

  • Roberts Park Raleigh, NC - South Central
  • Pothole Archived
    1000 Rock Quarry Road Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Raleigh Blvd between Blazing Star (possibly before there) & MLK Blvd there are several bad places in road. My car bounces constantly coming down that road. It's horrible!
  • Walnut Creek Trail Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Some ATV user sprayed gravel all over the trail yesterday and made a big mess. What the trail really needs is Police patrol with tow-trucks on standby to start making stops and impounding the dirtbikes and ATVs of these trail abusers. There's both a point and money to be made here by giving citations and and discouraging future trail abuse with motor vehicles.
  • Giant Bump Archived
    Walnut Creek Trail Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    The western entrance of the tunnel has a large bump at the interface between the tunnel concrete and the trail asphalt. It would be very good to have this smoothed out, as it presents a hazard for cyclists.