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  • 703 East Hargett Street Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    I reported this house in August 2013 (issue ID 671220) and nothing has been done. The City advised that the house had a pending inspector case on it that was to go before the city on 9/17/13 to either repair or demolish the house. This house is still standing, smelling horrible, and looking even worse. Please, COR, do something about this hazardous eye sore.
  • E Hargett St. At Camden St. Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    Most afternoons, there are children riding miniature motorcycles on the sidewalks and through the lawns and parking lots at the Birchwood complex near the corner of E Hargett and Camden. They are wearing helmets, but they are going very fast, and as a pedestrian, I have had to cross the street to avoid being run over on the sidewalk. I am under the impression that operating a motorized vehicle on the sidewalk is illegal. Regardless of legality, it puts pedestrians at risk.
  • 807 E Davie St Raleigh, NC - South Central
    there are three hookers on the 800 block of Davie right now (5:30pm). Heavy DAYTIME activity starting up again after a few very quiet months since the sting end of August -they scatter when i stare them down, please help
  • East Hargett Street Raleigh, NC - South Central
    The Solid Waste Services consistently throws garbage, recycling, and yard waste cans everywhere. They have broken two cans I purchased that are now unusable by throwing them all over the place. This is an eye sore caused by sheer laziness, and these new recycling carts will soon be broken... and I know the City spent a lot of money on these new carts. Please help.
  • 321 South Tarboro Street Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South Central

    Driving down S Tarboro there are two school zones that are right after the other.

    Unfortunately, they are at different times and people sometimes abide by the school zone speed limits.

    This causes a problem where people will see the first sign and the school zone is not in effect and ignore the subsequent signs a couple of blocks down assuming that it is the same sign when it is not and the school zone speed limit is in fact in effect.

    For safety's sake, could the school zone signs be changed to electronic ones and instead of having times to abide by, it can just read school zone when flashing.

  • 100 S Tarboro St Raleigh, NC - South Central

    This was reported about 8 months ago here:


    In the past few days, this person has been up to his old tricks again driving up and down Tarboro Street blasting his train horns for no reason.

    There is a fool driving around in a bright orange Chevy Tahoe with train horns on his truck.

    He is very proud of his horns and honks continually at all times of the day, especially on the weekends. This is not only annoying but also a health hazard. He could give someone a heart attack.

    These horns are REALLY loud. How is it that the Police have not stopped him yet, he is so obvious and blatant.

    This fella travels all around South East Raleigh making his horn go woo woo.

  • 725 East Martin Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    More credit repair signs popping up, some are nailed to utility poles
  • 501-599 Chavis Way Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    Inadequate restrooms - see feces behind shrubs on the SE corner here.
  • 307 S Tarboro St Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South Central
    These guys are always leaving a large heavy table in the middle of the sidewalk. This has been reported before.
  • Garbage Archived
    1102 E Martin St Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South Central

    Newspapers in plastic bags littering the streets.

    Every Wednesday and Sunday mornings the streets are littered with free
    newspapers that nobody subscribes to.

    On this certain block of Martin St, there are three unoccupied homes
    where the newspapers seem to build up at the curb.

    For the past two weekends, it has rained and caused a big mess in the street.

    I am concerned that all of this is going into the storm drain and will
    eventually clog it up.

    The city should find the person who is delivering these papers and
    charge them with littering.

  • 567 E. Martin Street Raleigh, NC - South Central
    There is abandoned furniture and excessive amounts of trash rotting away on the sidewalk on the S. Swain Street side of this property. It has been sitting uncollected for over a week. It is unsightly and in the way of the sidewalk. Please have it removed immediately.
  • 709 East Davie Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    Overgrown plant blocking sidewalk.