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  • 567 E. Martin Street Raleigh, NC - South Central
    There is abandoned furniture and excessive amounts of trash rotting away on the sidewalk on the S. Swain Street side of this property. It has been sitting uncollected for over a week. It is unsightly and in the way of the sidewalk. Please have it removed immediately.
  • 533 East Lenoir Street Raleigh, North Carolina - South Central
    The trash can attached to the bus stop sign is full. This is the only trash can actually on Chavis Way, and the only public one for quite awhile in any direction.
  • 100 S Tarboro St Raleigh, NC - South Central

    This was reported about 8 months ago here:


    In the past few days, this person has been up to his old tricks again driving up and down Tarboro Street blasting his train horns for no reason.

    There is a fool driving around in a bright orange Chevy Tahoe with train horns on his truck.

    He is very proud of his horns and honks continually at all times of the day, especially on the weekends. This is not only annoying but also a health hazard. He could give someone a heart attack.

    These horns are REALLY loud. How is it that the Police have not stopped him yet, he is so obvious and blatant.

    This fella travels all around South East Raleigh making his horn go woo woo.

  • 1105 E Martin St Raleigh, NC - South Central

    If so, does this dilapidated structure have all of the proper permits to be a rooming house?

    This house is falling apart and nobody is doing any repairs to it and there are always strange men in and out of here.

  • 501-599 Chavis Way Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    Inadequate restrooms - see feces behind shrubs on the SE corner here.
  • 721 E Hargett St Raleigh, NC - South Central
    Contenuto bloccato da rifiuti.
  • 200-298 S Tarboro St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    The church places loudspeakers in their parking lot and play loud annoying music all. This happens a lot.
  • Fireworks Archived
    900 E Hargett St Raleigh, NC - South Central

    For the past week, there has been a ton of fireworks going off in this general vicinity as recently as 3 AM this morning.

    Please step up patrols.

  • Garbage Archived
    1105 E Martin St Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South Central
    Yard debris in driveway has been left at this boarding house for over a month.
  • Garbage Archived
    620 E Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    This is the fifth week in a row that the yard trash has not been picked up.
  • 1005-1099 E Martin St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central
    Throughout the area, there have numerous signs on CP&L poles advertising an event at Chavis Park. Some poles have up to 5 of these. As they aged over the past month they have been littering our streets. It would be nice if the people who put these signs up take them down. There must be a thousand of these out there.
  • Poole Road At New Bern Raleigh, NC - South Central
    There is bundle of wiring hanging from an electric pole and just laying in the parking lot. Even if they are not connected or dangerous, they should be moved out of the parking space, secured to the pole and capped off!!!