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  • 3209 Kelly St scottdale, GA - Scottdale
    Decalb county is not taking the responsibility to pave an official county road I called "planning & design" they said we do not have a plan for this road & dekalb county "roads & drainage" said its not their responsibility but I spoke to Mr. Jim McKenny cell# 4042974583 I told him that the unpaved road is forming channels preventing us from driving down the street to reach our homes he promised to pour some curbs to control the water flow but he disappeared & never answer my calls anymore please come take a look at a COUNTY ROAD in the USA, thank you
  • 1373 W Nancy Creek Drive Northeast Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven
    From 4:30 to 6:00pm, traffic backs up on West Nancy Creek Dr at Ashford-Dunwoody. Cars are lined up at least 1/2 mile down West Nancy Creek, and twice we've seen it backed up to the tear drop circle at Old Johnson Ferry near New Generations daycare which is 1 mile away. Please check the timing on these lights. Thanks!
  • 1046 Fayetteville Rd Se Atlanta, GA 30316, USA - East Atlanta
    The intersection of Flat Shoals Rd and Fayetteville Road in East Atlanta is badly in need of repair. It is dangerous to turn or cross the intersection, as traffic moves so slowly through here.
  • 1587 New St Ne Atlanta, GA 30307, USA - Edgewood
    New street is a narrow street that dead ends at fence. On the other side of the fence there is a cul-de-sac. New Street is in violation of the 2003 Fire Code section 503.2.5 because there is no way for a fire truck to turn around on the street. The city needs to use eminent domain to acquire the cul-de-sac.
  • 5281 Oxford Chase Way Atlanta, Georgia - Dunwoody

    Please cover the pothole near the center island of the entrance to Oxford Chase sub-division. It is on the road near the side of the island leaving the sub-division. Please refer to the attached pictures.


  • 1061 Milam Circle Clarkston, GA - Clarkston
    There is a sink hole slowly sinking in the street in front of this home.
  • 1384 Dunwoody Village Pkwy Dunwoody, GA - Dunwoody

    Drain grates are parallel to the direction of travel and will cause bicycles tires to get stuck and cause accidents. The drain grate runs along the majority of the curb cut. Request the drain grates be replaced with perpendicular grates or another design. I understand that the Parkway will be reconstructed, but that is not scheduled to begin until July 5, 2013 and be complete sometime in mid-2014. Between now & July 2013, perhaps some reasonably priced safety enhancements can be retrofitted. We now have a weekly organized bike ride coming in & out of that parking lot. Also, the monthly community bike ride will alternate from this location as well. With the community bike ride, there will be many younger children and less experienced riders, less aware of watching for these hazards.

    Location: On the north side of Dunwoody Village Parkway, at the central curb cut entrance to El Azteca, Village Burger, Divine Events, Curves, etc.

  • 3995 Ashford Dunwoody Rd Ne Brookhaven, GA - Brookhaven
    At the lower entrance to the school, just below the peak in the hill on Ashford Dunwoody Road, the crosswalk is badly faded with poor signage. There is no green "State Law Stop for Pedestrians" signage in the crosswalk either. This is a very dangerous intersection due to the hill just above the crosswalk. Parents with children have a very hard time crossing the street into the school.
  • 4081 Ashford Dunwoody Atlanta, Georgia - Brookhaven


    I am a bit confused on a reported problem that is archived but I would like to readdress.

    In the ticket, the concern of operating a business out of a residence is addressed. In the commentary, the excessive paving / concrete in the front and side yards is also a concern shared.

    In another issue reported

    "Per the City's Zoning Ordinance, specifically Section 27-766(b)(7) -

    Parking shall not be permitted within the front yard in any single-family residential lot, except within a driveway, or in a roofed carport or enclosed garage. Within any single-family residential (R) district not more than thirty-five (35) percent of the total area between the street right-of-way line and the front of the principal building shall be paved, On any lot where adequate width exists so as meet the geometric design standards of the Institute of Traffic Engineers, a circular driveway shall be permitted, subject to the total driveway coverage authorized herein. However, no parking spaces or parking bays shall be established within any such front yard.

    To answer the question presented by the concerned citizen - Parking within a front yard of a residential (single-family) property is not permitted on grass/lawns. Additionally, PAVING of the front yard is limited to a maximum of 35 percent. A front yard is defined by the Zoning Ordinance as the "area extending across the total width of a lot between side lot lines and being that area between the street right-of-way lines and that line or lines established by the front wall or walls of the principal structure projected to intersect the side lot lines." Simply put, the front yard is the area defined by the front property line, side lot lines, and the front facade/wall of the residential dwelling."

    Is concrete not paving? Is this home not in more then 35% as defined above? Are these not parking spaces as noted?

    I understand it looks nice besides massive concrete but what processes does the city have in place now to ensure this does not repeat without city approval if the 35% applies?


  • 1248 Mt. Vernon Road Dunwoody, Georgia - Dunwoody
    The bike lanes do not have markings. Please use thermoplastic markings, or use the same markings that were used on Perimeter Center East last year.
  • 2146 Johnson Ferry Road Northeast Atlanta, GA - Brookhaven

    Improper and illegal flag displays. US Flags are faded, damaged, and displayed illegally.
    Section 21-28
    Flags not on flag poles (street lamps, wagons, pots, etc.). Flag pole possibly improperly set back at Corner Pizza. The US Flag should not be an advertising tool and should be properly cared for.

    Dilapidated Signs- Sec 21-11- present on the property.

    Planters located illegally on sidewalks in the pedestrian right of way. Also, appears to be discoloring and possibly damaging the sidewalks.

  • 1457 Mt Vernon Rd Atlanta, GA - Dunwoody
    In the new bike lane on the south side of Mt. Vernon (eastbound direction), there is a pothole a several inches deep and in width (appears as if the top layer of new asphalt has simply "broken away"). It is located approximately 200 - 400 feet west of the Ashford-Dunwoody intersection.