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Willard/Leconte Hot Zone

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  • Fire hazard Archived
    2346 Stuart St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    Karim's bike shop is a fire hazard and can in no way pass fire safety inspection. In addition, there are numerous accounts of people finding their stolen bikes there and seeing the owner deal with bike thiefs. How is this commercial establishment allowed to stay on business?
  • 2515-2599 Russell Street Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley

    We saw this one but there are many others. They seem to censor certain locations, perhaps to deter cyclists.

    Police should be involved to catch them.

    It was somewhere near Hillegass route, but these abound. Thank you

  • 2800 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    Telegraph not signed..thank you
  • 2319 Howe Street Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    a twin mattress is laying on the sidewalk on Howe St (cross street is Telegraph)
  • 2401-2455 Stuart St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    Also box spring
  • Telegraph And Stuart Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Thank you
  • 2644 Ellsworth St Berkeley, CA 94704, USA - South Berkeley
    Three mattresses.
  • Street Sign Archived
    Telegraph Ave & Stuart St Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Berkeley
    NE corner of Telegraph at Stuart had street sign for Stuart stolen off bracket.
  • 2996 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - South Berkeley
    On the southbound side of Telegraph, there are two very large pot holes right in front of the 1/1R bus stop (just north of Alcatraz). These pot holes are constantly filled with water and people waiting for the bus are frequently splashed. The pot holes are terrible for the buses' alignment as well.
  • Other Archived
    2315 Oregon St Berkeley 94705, United States - South Berkeley
    Illegal sleeping in vehicle in my neighborhood and parking all day for the past 48 hours in one spot in an RPP zone. I don’t believe these individuals are residents of this zone and they are monopolizing street parking while illegally sleeping in front of my house. Please dispatch to police or to Parking Enforcement.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    Ashby Ave & Hillegass Ave Berkeley, CA, 94705, USA - Berkeley
    Bicycle detection not working on South side of junction.
  • Other Archived
    2720 Hillegass Ave Berkeley 94705, United States - Berkeley

    Disgusting 2 mattresses littered with junk and people apparently living in Willard Park with the apparent blessing of the city of Berkeley. Please enforce the no camping law in our City parks. The parks are for the citizens enjoyment and recreation and should not be permitted to be homeless camps. It is right next to a tot lot for God sakes. What is wrong with the City of Berkeley letting individuals live in squalid conditions in our Public Parks? As a citizen and taxpayer I say No!

    Note this is actually at the handball court where Regent Street dead ends into Willard Park. How could this go unreported in unaddressed with the city of Berkeley’s Parks and recreation Department station mere feet away from this disgrace? Do parks and recreation staff even care about the state of the facilities and grounds they oversee? For Shame!