West Haven - 8th District - Tracy Morrissey

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Eighth District
Tracy Morrissey
305 Country Hill Drive
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-937-0586

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  • 95-133 Greta St West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
  • 2-160 Prospect Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Please plow us out!
  • 45 Clover Street New Haven, CT - West Haven
    The brown toters at 45 Clover were on the curb again this week before the PW trucks came down Truman (around 9:30 this morning) and for the 2nd week in a row, NHPW did not pick up. Last week the tenants had to bring their toters off the curb back to the house, because NHPW did not pick up. This morning they brought them out and again NHPW did not pick up. Please send the truck BACK to pick up as there is nowhere for these tenants to put their 2rd week of trash!!!!
  • 2-80 Barbara Ln West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The road is getting worse every day. Large potholes, sand and uneven surfaces makes for dangerous driving conditions. People will soon have to start sending auto bills to town of West Haven for the damages to their vehicles.
  • 75 Chase Ln West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    The pavement along Chase Lane is extremely roughly patched - it was dug up for new development, and never properly repaved.
  • Barbara Lane West Haven, CT - West Haven

    There are some huge potholes on this road that need to be filled.

    Requests have been made almost a year ago for paving. If that's not a possibility, then perhaps we can at the very least have the potholes filled?

  • 157-175 Allings Crossing Rd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Looks like this is a collecting spot for litter - cups, plastic bags, paper, etc. Do we have a crew that cleans this sort of thing up in West Haven?
  • 66 Platt Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    Property at 66 Platt Ave (at corner of Charles St) looks post-apocalyptic. The yard has not been cut yet this year, and the front storm door is jagged broken glass/hazardous. Make the owner fix this trash (will probably take 18-24 months to be addressed if at all).
  • 283-319 Platt Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Platt Ave to Jones Hill Rd (and even beyond the split) are in need of safe side walks. The roads are very busy and the only place to walk is dangerously within the shoulder. There are a few side walks but they stop and start sporadically. City busses stop up and down these roads and again the only place for pedestrians to wait is in the street.
  • 2 Michael Drive West Haven, CT - West Haven
    rwa water main cover in the middle of the road missing probably due to snow plowing. It's been almost two months now and still has not been fixed.
  • Bad Drainage Archived
    117 Chase Ln West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    When it rains, there's pretty bad drainage here, and sometimes the mud and water runs in a river across the road down Salem drive.
  • 128 Prospect Avenue West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    A white BMW, license plate "BAD IDEA", wakes my entire family up every morning at 6:10 A.M. on Arlington St. The car is highly modified and rumbles the foundation of our house. The owner parks it at 128 Prospect Avenue, often working on it there and starting it during non daytime hours.