West Haven - 8th District - Tracy Morrissey

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Eighth District
Tracy Morrissey
305 Country Hill Drive
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-937-0586

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  • 283-319 Platt Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Platt Ave to Jones Hill Rd (and even beyond the split) are in need of safe side walks. The roads are very busy and the only place to walk is dangerously within the shoulder. There are a few side walks but they stop and start sporadically. City busses stop up and down these roads and again the only place for pedestrians to wait is in the street.
  • 2-160 Prospect Avenue West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Please plow us out!
  • 672 W Main St West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Starting to get worried about not seeing a plow since the storm began at 672 W Main St (yellow house by the green where they light the xmas tree each year), small road that connects west main and platt. Have a 5 month old and we need to get to a store for supplies. Our road is a major throughway for West Main and Platt travel, so opening it up will cut down on issues at the nasty West Main/Platt fork.
  • Need Plowing Archived
    Dawson Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Dawson Ave not plowed.
  • Other Archived
    64-88 Dawson Avenue West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Snow Plow
  • 21 Phipps Drive West Haven, CT - West Haven
    Missing Dog big reward if found please please turn her in or call 203-623-4205 PLEASE
  • 984 Ocean Ave West Haven, CT - West Haven
    From the corner of Grove Place half way to Prospect you STILL can't walk on the sidewalks. Shovel it!
  • 45 Clover Street New Haven, CT - West Haven
    The brown toters at 45 Clover were on the curb again this week before the PW trucks came down Truman (around 9:30 this morning) and for the 2nd week in a row, NHPW did not pick up. Last week the tenants had to bring their toters off the curb back to the house, because NHPW did not pick up. This morning they brought them out and again NHPW did not pick up. Please send the truck BACK to pick up as there is nowhere for these tenants to put their 2rd week of trash!!!!
  • 22 Colonial Blvd West Haven, CT - West Haven
    City mower hit it last summer and ripped it opened. I called Beth sabo and she had someone come out, spray paint it white and chop it up some more. The issue is not resolved. It is a hazard to kids an many people who walk their dogs.
  • 90-240 Interstate 95 Frontage Road West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    A tire and Front end Killer, Repair is always terrible with no compacting of the fill, leaving asphalt flying everywhere for days.
  • South St Beach West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven

    I just used one large box that contained some kind of beach fun toy and two grocery bags and filled them with :

    2 large pizza boxes
    at least 10 cups of varying size and color
    2 dirty diapers
    at least 15 cans and bottles
    4 nip bottles
    straws and various utensils
    broken glass
    Chinese food containers.

    In case the town would like to come at pick them up they are near the park benches on the beach side near the end of Seaview Ave.

    Yep, let's just put up more signs right off of I-95 directing them to the West Haven Beaches....Free beach access! Free trash pick up courtesy of CT's "most friendly" city's tax payers! Have fun one and all! Trash our beaches and destroy our fragile ecosystem...all for FREE!!

    Granted it's probably not just out-of-towners.

    Just fed up with people's disregard and selfishness.
    There, I'm done.

  • 130 Saw Mill Road West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    My dog was probably stolen by someone who came into my driveway which is directly across from the West Haven Train Station.