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  • Cambridge St & Storrow Dr & Longfellow Bridge Boston, MA 02114, USA - Central
  • 13 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115 - Back Bay
    The bike lane and road next to the curb on the southbound side of Massachusetts Avenue here is full of potholes and uneven pavement. Its actually pretty dangerous to ride a bicycle over. The whole corner from the beginning of the #1 MBTA Bus stop to the edge of Beacon St needs to be repaved. This is of concern because many cyclists ride through this patch of road every day coming off of the Harvard Bridge.
  • Harvard Brg Boston, MA - Back Bay

    When heading south on the Mass Ave bridge on a bicycle, and using the bicycle lane, there is no way to get to the bike path along the river.

    The solution here would be to build a ramp on this side of the bridge down to the river.

    This would be safer for bikers, and prevent the temptation to ride on the opposite sidewalf (unsafe for pedestrians) in order to use that ramp.

  • 02138 West Cambridge, Cambridge, MA, USA - West Cambridge
    Two complaints. #1 cars are running red lights dangerously at corner Fresh Pond Parkway and Huron Ave. We have seen this between 7-8 am weekdays.
    #2 cars are speeding very fast through the Larches neighborhood (Larchwood drive, fresh pond lane, meadow way) bewteen 7-9 am.
    Traffic police could collect a lot of money if you just stationed yourselves at these two areas in the 7=9 am time period. Please, before we have a terrible pedestrian accident!!!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Boston University Bridge Boston, Massachusetts - Fenway-Kenmore
    There is a HUGE pothole large enough to kill a cyclist. Please fix this! This is such a huge hazard, I'm surprised that it has not been taken care of yet. I called the DOT and I've emailed the DOT. All with no evidence of any concern.
  • Pothole Archived
    Boston University Bridge Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    Saw it yesterday heading towards cambridge from the BU bridge to Brookline St.
    Big enough to kill me on my bicycle, just nearly missed it.
  • Memorial Dr Cambridge 02139, United States - Mit
    Two MBTA Transit police cars blocking the bike lane, leaving cyclists to contend with cars accelerating onto memorial drive
  • 2-18 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    The red globe for the fire pull box on the west side of the church park condos (along Mass Ave outbound, before the bridge) is missing. Can you please replace? This is a busy area that has had several fires in the last few years.
  • 1 Main St Cambridge 02139, United States - East Cambridge
    Witnessed this vehicle drive around the bollards in order to park in the bike lane.
  • Other Archived
    Harvard Bridge Cambridge 02142, United States - Mit
    Everyday there’s bikers that ride on both side s on the sidewalks and there’s bike lanes right on the street on Harvard bridge in both directions I’m a walker and am furious nothing is being done about this plz enforce rules laws
  • Boston University Bridge Cambridge, MA 02139, USA - Mit
    The bituminous fill over the bu bridge expansion joints has recently eroded away in several places. See example in photo. Please fix with durable material. Thank you.
  • Raleigh Street Boston, MA - Fenway-Kenmore
    The intersection of Raleigh Street & Bay State Road is very dangerous. There is no way for the drivers to see the incoming traffic from the stop sign. Moreover to make things worse, snow gets piled at this corner during the winter. A traffic engineering solution is needed before an accident happens