Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation

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  • 606-621 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mit
    The construction people there closed the bike path. All cyclists and pedestrians have to cross the river. Marking is not there.
  • Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge


    I'm wanting to start biking again for the year but I'm a little rusty. Mem drive closures help me get back in the groove for biking in the summer season, and I would love nothing more than to bike traffic-free on this beautiful 70-some degree day. I noticed on various pages it looks like Mem drive is set to be closed on sundays, starting mid-April, but so far it hasn't been. : (

    Just hoping it opens next week & weeks following!


  • Pothole in left lane of eastbound Commonwealth Avenue just after the dip under the Mass Ave underpass. This one was at least a foot deep two weeks ago. They poured some asphalt into it but it has formed again. Use the right lane if you like having your steering aligned and your rims round.
  • 470-498 Brookline St Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    My son had a small biking accident at this location. As he was cycling across the street (crossing from the Boston side), he did not realize that there was a drop on the curb. The crosswalk leads to curb that is broken and needs to be mended and marked. In addition to this, the sidewalk is full of cracks It’s dangerous for cyclists and needs to be fixed. I know of another incident that has happened here to another child. Hopefully this can be addressed soon to prevent other accidents.
  • 109 Cambridge Pkwy Cambridge, MA 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    A car almost hit me at the crosswalk intersection even though I had the signal to cross. Can we please get enforcement to make sure drivers are stopping for the red light?
  • 1st St Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Stepped on it and it fell right in... Really needs to be screwed into the sidewalk and not loosely sitting on top of the hole
  • 55 Cambridge Parkway - East Cambridge
    There have been repeated arrivals of large trucks backing into 55 Cambridge Parkway’s service entrance on Land Blvd between 5-7 AM and last night at 2 and 3 AM. I am awakened every time this happens because of the back up alarms that last for about a minute each time. There are numerous condo units across the street and the park from the service entrance on Land Blvd. I’m hoping this might be a violation of the noise ordinance or some other municipal regulation which could be used to terminate the arrival of trucks between 10PM and 7 AM.
  • 415 Newbury St Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
  • noise again Archived
    620 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Cambridgeport
    The humming noise coming from 620 Memorial Drive has started again. Why won't they stop it? They have control over it so why do they keep doing it?
  • 83 Cambridge Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Humboldt moving van (plate 86726) parked illegally, blocking sidewalk.
  • Charles Park Cambridge, MA, USA - East Cambridge
    Some of the benches are broken and in need of repair. Cambridge Park folks may already be aware of this.
  • Boston University Bridge Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    The construction is done but the traffic lights have not resumed functioning. This creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers.