Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation

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Watching issues created after: 2010-01-27


  • Boston University Bridge Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    The construction is done but the traffic lights have not resumed functioning. This creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers.
  • 83 Cambridge Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Humboldt moving van (plate 86726) parked illegally, blocking sidewalk.
  • Charles Park Cambridge, MA, USA - East Cambridge
    Some of the benches are broken and in need of repair. Cambridge Park folks may already be aware of this.
  • Maynard Pl Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Very icy street, dangerous walking. Please plow, sand, salt! Thanks!
  • 1-99 Maynard Pl Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Street could use sand/salt as it's very icy
  • Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    There is no pedestrian crossing, no crosswalk signal, and the sidewalk is ripped up, at the intersection of Cambridge St and Soldiers Field Rd, crossing Cambridge St on the east side of Soldiers Field Rd. Vehicles travelling northbound on Soldiers Field Rd turning right onto Cambridge St eastbound on red make crossing Cambridge St on foot especially unpleasant. Please install pedestrian crossing signal, fix sidewalks, and add "yield to pedestrians on turn" sign. Please consider pushing out the curb on the southeast corner of the intersection further into the intersection to make the corner sharper to slow down turning vehicles.
  • Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mit

    There are new bike lane markings traveling eastbound from the BU bridge to memorial drive. The lane ends abruptly and feeds bike traffic directly on to memorial drive where there is no shoulder and cars are going 40MPH.

    This is no ramp to safely get on the sidewalk.

    Bike lanes should not abruptly end! Extend the bike lane to the next intersection where riders can safely get onto the bike path.

  • Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mit
    Shattered glass on Mass Ave Bridge in southbound bike lane
  • 55 Cambridge Parkway - East Cambridge
    There have been repeated arrivals of large trucks backing into 55 Cambridge Parkway’s service entrance on Land Blvd between 5-7 AM and last night at 2 and 3 AM. I am awakened every time this happens because of the back up alarms that last for about a minute each time. There are numerous condo units across the street and the park from the service entrance on Land Blvd. I’m hoping this might be a violation of the noise ordinance or some other municipal regulation which could be used to terminate the arrival of trucks between 10PM and 7 AM.
  • Ames St Cambridge 02142, United States - Mit
    2-3 deep Gap connecting road to bike path. Caused a flat tire on my bike. Had to walk home.
  • 619 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mit
    Turning from the BU Bridge onto Memorial Drive, there is initially a bike lane, but the bike lane abruptly disappears where the multi-use path starts. However, there is no curb cut to allow a merge from the bike lane onto the path. This means that a cyclist must either continue to bike on Memorial Drive without a bike lane (not ideal given traffic conditions) or must stop and dismount their bike on Memorial Drive (also not ideal given traffic conditions) in order to lift it over the curb and up to the multi-use path.
  • 520 Beacon St Boston, MA, 02215, USA - Back Bay
    Illegal Parking/ Bike Lane obstruction. there is a Uhaul dropbox completely blocking the bike lane. People on bicycles forced to dangerously ride into the street to go around.
    Perhaps the design of this bike lane is confusing to delivery people who aren't familiar. The city could perhaps paint the lane or put the lane on a custom elevation so that it doesn't confuse the many people who park in it. The message the adjacent parking meter sends is also a mixed one.