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  • Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA - Mit
    There's a sign that points drivers either to the left (to boston / gov center via longfellow bridge) or right (to cambridge, etc. via mem drive/land boulevard); the problem is that this sign is not well located to help drivers make the decision in time. This often results in drivers idling at the 'center of the fork" and at times, backing up into oncoming traffic in order to get to the desired route. This sign needs to be moved up closer from where it currently sits and the letters need to made larger, easier to read.
  • Pothole in left lane of eastbound Commonwealth Avenue just after the dip under the Mass Ave underpass. This one was at least a foot deep two weeks ago. They poured some asphalt into it but it has formed again. Use the right lane if you like having your steering aligned and your rims round.
  • Boston University Bridge Cambridge, Massachusetts - Mit
    The construction is done but the traffic lights have not resumed functioning. This creates a dangerous situation for pedestrians and drivers.
  • 100-198 John F. Kennedy St Cambridge, MA - Riverside

    Every morning and evening the traffic backs up for a mile on each way when the light turns Red for Memorial Drive and Green is given to the JFK Street.

    The JFK Street has much less traffic and often is empty with Green light where as traffic on Memorial drive is backed up due to Red Light.

    Please, increase the time for the Green Light for Memorial Drive where most of the backup happens.

  • Other Acknowledged
    1 Silber Way Boston 02215, United States - Fenway-Kenmore
    No ped crossing on Mem Dr sign needed on bike path near small BU rental boathouse. I have reached out to DCR, Esplanade Assoc and the Dept of Transportation for a sign to be added on the bike path under the BU Bridge - and nothing. All spring and summer I redirect fellow runners from crossing the busy four lanes of Mem Drive. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Please post a sign directing pedestrians to use the pedestrian bridge less than 1/4 mi away.
  • 83 Cambridge Parkway Cambridge, Massachusetts - East Cambridge
    Humboldt moving van (plate 86726) parked illegally, blocking sidewalk.
  • 660 Memorial Dr Cambridge 02139, United States - Cambridgeport
    Recycling bin is full.
  • Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    There is no pedestrian crossing, no crosswalk signal, and the sidewalk is ripped up, at the intersection of Cambridge St and Soldiers Field Rd, crossing Cambridge St on the east side of Soldiers Field Rd. Vehicles travelling northbound on Soldiers Field Rd turning right onto Cambridge St eastbound on red make crossing Cambridge St on foot especially unpleasant. Please install pedestrian crossing signal, fix sidewalks, and add "yield to pedestrians on turn" sign. Please consider pushing out the curb on the southeast corner of the intersection further into the intersection to make the corner sharper to slow down turning vehicles.
  • Cambridge Pkwy & Edwin H Land Blvd Cambridge, MA, 02142, USA - East Cambridge
    Im writing this while waiting in the ER. The base plate/whatever light pole remnants with the bolts threw me out in front of my bike.. No cone on top of the bolts nor street lightning in the area. I have bruises and cuts on hands, feet and chest. Police came in to place a cone but you must fix the thing asap. Its a busy spot.
  • 619 Memorial Dr Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA - Mit
    Turning from the BU Bridge onto Memorial Drive, there is initially a bike lane, but the bike lane abruptly disappears where the multi-use path starts. However, there is no curb cut to allow a merge from the bike lane onto the path. This means that a cyclist must either continue to bike on Memorial Drive without a bike lane (not ideal given traffic conditions) or must stop and dismount their bike on Memorial Drive (also not ideal given traffic conditions) in order to lift it over the curb and up to the multi-use path.
  • Maynard Pl Cambridge, MA, 02138, USA - West Cambridge
    Very icy street, dangerous walking. Please plow, sand, salt! Thanks!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Back Street Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay