Mass Department of Conservation and Recreation

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Notified About

  • 64–68 Massachusetts Ave Boston 02115, United States - Back Bay
  • 411 Marlborough St Boston 02115 United States - Back Bay
    Graffiti behind property in alley
  • Street Lights Archived
    Public Alley 430 - Back Bay
    Hole in light pole. This is an electrocution hazard
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1 Soldiers Field Rd Boston 02134, United States - Allston-Brighton
    An enormous pothole continues to threaten every vehicle taking the curve towards I-90 from Soldiers Field road.
  • Other Archived
    7 Massachusetts Ave Boston 02115, United States - Back Bay
    Bike lane all along Mass Ave, particularly coming off of the bridge is blocked with snow and ice. Many flexposts have been destroyed. Please clear these lanes!
  • Other Acknowledged
    10 Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Sinkhole in the dirt beside the road. It keeps growing. Has swallowed a safety cone, and it kept moving closer to the road
  • Litter Archived
    350 Newbury St Boston, Ma - Back Bay
    Loose trash on ground behind property
  • 249 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA - West Cambridge
    Please prune tree in front of 249 Mt. Auburn Street. Tree branches are at face level
  • Street Lights Acknowledged
    Anderson Memorial Bridge Cambridge, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    One light on the east side of the bridge has been out or bulb missing for months. Closer to the Cambridge side than the Allston side
  • Other Acknowledged
    Boston University Brg Boston 02134, United States - Fenway-Kenmore
    Drain is complete blocked And flooding.
  • Other Archived
    700 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA 02215, USA - Fenway-Kenmore
    I know you're just going to close this report with a short "all clear, case closed", but they're are currently four cars parked in the bike lane in front of Warren Towers (and at least two more another block down). These lanes aren't safe, and neither Boston Police nor BU Police reliably patrol the lane. Cars fly down Comm Ave far over speed limit, and the failure to even paint this lane, let alone protect it will get someone killed. Is BTD doing anything about this, or are these reports all headed to the circular file?
  • Longfellow Bridge Boston, MA 02114, USA - US Congressional District MA8
    the speed sign is cute but drivers regularly travel upwards of 45 mph while cresting the Longfellow bridge. especially if the winter "safety" plan calls for removing the flexposts, the speed limit of 25mph needs to be enforced. bonus: fundraiser for the state!