West Haven - 10th District - Gail S. Burns

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Tenth District
Gail S. Burns
70 Oxbow Lane
West Haven, CT 06516
PH: 203-934-0751

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  • 388 Morgan Ln West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Students and faculty can not bike from central campus to West Campus. This is a serious oversight on the part of Yale, and one that potentially impacts the entire regional economy by forcing more people to drive. A route should have been created prior to the opening of the new campus as a research facility.
  • 78 Cooper Rd West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    There are 3 unregistered autos parked in the driveway. One hasn't moved in years and has a broken window. The others don't seem to run either. It appears they are being used as storage sheds.
  • 210 Woodmont Rd West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    The city said a few years ago that we would be getting a sidewalk along Woodmont Rd. The Milford side of the bridge has it, why not our side?
  • 119 Hubbard Rd West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    Countless vehicles refuse to stop or even slow down at this stop sign at Benham Hill Road at Hubbard in West Haven. This is a school zone and is also unsafe for children!
  • Jones Hill Rd. - West Haven
    There is a multifamily home where there is a marijuana factory and marijuana dealer...individual has already been arrested for this according to jud.ct.gov case detail.
  • 179-235 Woodmont Road West Haven, Connecticut - West Haven
    The city promised sidewalks here 15 years ago when the road was rebuilt. Children on bikes and pedestrians are forced to walk in the road with traffic whizzing by, The road leads to a neighborhood park which is frequently used by children and families.
  • Morgan Ln West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    There is a decent size pothole near the center lane in this general area. I swerve around it every morning.
  • Power Outage Archived
    19-123 Ranchwood Dr West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    The entire street has no power and we all have wells. No power, no water, no cooking. Many families with babies and young children. Help!
  • Meadowbrook Road West Haven, CT - West Haven
    An arrow for traffic turning left onto Meadowbrook Road from Sawmill Road is desperately needed. It is extremely difficult to turn left onto Meadowbrook Road during rush hour and you either have to wait until your light turns red to get through or beat the traffic when the light turns green. It is very dangerous due to the amount of traffic on Saw Mill Road and the speed in which everyone travels.
  • 23 Cooper Rd West Haven, CT 06516 - West Haven
    The intersection of Myra and Cooper Roads needs repaving badly. Whenever it rains, water puddles here. Several attempts to repair this road have failed.
  • 72 Winslow Drive West Haven Ct - West Haven
    sidewalk is elevated because of tree roots. Residents that live in the home are both handicapped and unable to walk in front of their home. The town of West Haven has been notified several times and nothing has been done
  • Unmowed lawn Archived
    40 Ruby Rd West Haven, CT - West Haven
    The owners appear to have left in a hurry. The lawn hasn't been mowed in at all this year and looks bad. Can the city do anything about this?