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  • 2280-2298 Alabama Street Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    The snow in front of KFC was not cleared at all. Despite the fact they have a sidewalk on both sides. Despite many complaints to the city, many complaints to the restaurant no action was taken. There is no way to get to the other side of the street. My pregnant wife almost fell over trying to go down the ice covered drive to reach the street. It is totally unacceptable what the city is allowing.
  • 2583-2599 Belle Crest Drive Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    The drainage on this section of the street is bad. The water has washed away the sidewalk.
  • 214 W 10th St Lawrence, KS - Lawrence
    The entire width of the West side 10th street is filled with potholes.
  • 803 New York Street Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    Already broken and job not really finished, see street
  • 803 New York Lawrence, Kansas - Lawrence
    Added to the previous post, this is the rest of this crosswalk/street in disrepair
  • 19th And Iowa Lawrence, KS - Lawrence
    If you are driving south on Iowa, trying to turn east onto 19th, there is only an arrow and no green light. It is ridiculous that you have to wait through an entire light cycle, especially during low-traffic hours.
  • All Of Rock Hall Road Lawrence, USA - Lawrence
    There are DEEP pot holes on both sides of Rock Hall Road from 878 all the way to Causeway Road.
  • Lynda Dr Clinton Township, MI - Lawrence
    The street is falling apart and causing vehicle damage even at the lowest speeds!
  • Pot hole Archived
    901-999 Kentucky St Lawrence, KS 66044, USA - Lawrence
    Deep pot hole directly in path of tires of car. Unavoidable. Please fix ASAP.