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  • Bordentown Ave Sayreville, NJ 08857 - Sayreville
    Watch out for the big car-ruining iron speedbump disguised as RR tracks, this has been a problem for years already yet no one will fix it.
  • Jernee Mill Road & Bordentown Ave. - Sayreville
    Near the intersection of Bordentown Avenue and Jernee Mill Road in Sayreville, railroad tracks cross Bordentown diagonally. There are several large potholes around the tracks, causing drivers to swerve far left or far right and causing many near-miss accidents. Please help!
  • 917 U.S. 9 South Amboy, NJ 08879, USA - Sayreville
    Is it possible that the middle lane of 9 N be converted so that drivers have the option to either exit to the GSP or continue north, similar to what is done on the Westbound Belt Parkway in Brooklyn by the Verazanno Bridge (like on 9, road goes from 3 lanes to 4 by the exit, however, right lane on Belt shifts into 4th lane and middle lane divides into one lane for SI and one for Brooklyn)? Currently 9 N is a horrible mess by the GSP in the morning, in part due to all drivers headed to the GSP being forced to merge into one lane, causing all 3 lanes to back up as other drivers are forced to slow down or merge left as cars stop in the middle lane so they can merge into the right lane.
  • Marsh Ave Sayreville, Main St NJ 08872 - Sayreville
    The road at the corner of the south side of Marsh Ave & Main St is in terrible shape, potholes and ruts. No one has attempted to repair it in many years.
  • This area is extremely dark and is a hazard at night. There are no street lights at this intersection.
  • Vet Memorial Brg Sayreville, NJ - Sayreville
    The new no turn on red sign at the bridge into S.R. has created traffic problems here. Drivers going straight onto Jernee Mill swing into the left turn lane to go around the cars backed up at the right. It's worse than it was before, delayed signals need to be installed here.
  • Us Hwy 9 Sayreville, NJ - Sayreville
    There have been too many accident as people are entering the highway and people trying to get into the gas station from the highway. Either there should be a barrier to not allow drivers from the highway from entering the gas station. Also there should be a stop sign, not a yield sign.
  • Snow removal Archived
    Liberty Street Sayreville, NJ - Sayreville
    They did one time plowing down the street. Homeowners pushed there snow one the roads and only 1 can fit and with the garbage trucks you have to wait. There should be someone at Ted's Bar to direct the cars when they block for the school bus. They plowed at 8:00 pm at night - nice for our tax money.
  • 2 Deerfield Rd Parlin, NJ 08859, USA - Sayreville
    If you turn off of Washington Road onto Deerfield Road....there is a pothole that is growing daily and the bad weather is only going to make it worse. It is probably about a foot wide and maybe 6 inches deep.
  • Ernston Road South Amboy, New Jersey - Sayreville
    It's eaten my brand new tire.. massive sidewall bubble. Please fix
  • 601 Ernston Road Sayreville, New Jersey - Sayreville
    At the intersection of Ernston road and Nathan blvd, the north side crosswalk light never changes to walk. It always displays the don’t walk red hand.
  • 13-15 Crossman Rd N Sayreville, NJ 08872, USA - Sayreville
    As soon as a car comes with in 75 ft of this intersection on Crossman Rd, it changes the light for Main St traffic to yellow. Way too sensitive!