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  • 1828 1950 E Prospect Rd Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA - Fort Collins
    Eastbound Prospect North lane. The railroad tracks crossing is very bad.
  • 2000 East Horsetooth Road Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA - Fort Collins
    Rough RR crossing near Platte River Power Authority office
  • Vine & Timberline Fort Collins, CO 80525, USA - Fort Collins
    Need to smooth so the road and tracks are even.
  • South Timberline @ Fossil Creek Drive - Fort Collins
    Traffic light needed at intersection of Fossil Creek Drive and Timberline to allow safe exit from Linden Park subdivision. Heavy north-south traffic and blind hill create serious safety hazard for those turning north onto Timberline from Fossil Creek. Unlike other subdivisions, Linden Park only has this one exit. It's only a matter of time until there is a serious/fatal accident at this location!
  • car damaging Archived
    500 -700 W Prospect ft collins - Fort Collins
    East bound right lane between Prospect ln. and The Hilton. bad potholes.
  • 714-850 W Prospect Rd Fort Collins, CO 80526, USA - Fort Collins
    Many potholes along E. Prospect West of Centre Ave.
    I have seen people riding their bikes along here (which is not safe under the best of conditions). Bikers and drivers are swerving into oncoming lanes to avoid the potholes. With CSU back in session, the situation could become worse. Thank you!
  • 500 S Mason St Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA - Fort Collins
    Railroad track crossing on Mulberry and Mason St. intersection are in desperate need of repair
  • Lake & Remington St Fort Collins, CO - Fort Collins
    I have witnessed 3 times in the past two weeks, bicyclists not stopping at the 4 way stop. All 3 darn near got hit by a car, and all 3 were going full speed without even attempting to slow down! Someone will get hit.
  • 1139 W Elizabeth St Fort Collins, CO 80521 - Fort Collins

    Dear City Hall:

    Here and on other streets in Fort Collins, the city should use BUFFERED bike lanes.

    See for an example.

    One local blogger puts it this way:

    "In a nod towards bike advocates they make the roads a tiny bit wider than necessary, paint some lines, and call it a bike lane.

    But I don’t see evidence that a planner/designer looked at any road and thought “How can we make this safer for bicycles?”.

    In fact, I will bet money not one of those folks would let their 12 year old kid ride their bikes on the roads they built."

    Other users should post here with the best locations for Buffered Lanes in Fort Collins. Let's try to change the policy by making some specific recommendations.

    Bike lane planning through this site seems very effective, see for an example in Connecticut and for an example in Austin, TX.

    Thank you for looking into this!

  • 626 Linden St Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA - Fort Collins
    Lose and damaged road plates between and outside RR rails make for a very rough crossing for autos and bikes.
    Over two years waiting for repairs.
    Vine and Timberline same situation.
  • 3002 West Elizabeth Street - Fort Collins
    People are going much faster than the posted speed limit on West Elizabeth, both directions, approaching Overland.
  • 137 W Lake St Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA - Fort Collins
    The railroad crossing on W Lake by central receiving is in extreme disrepair. Why doesn't CSU get the BNSF railroad to fix it?