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  • Aspen Tulip, Birch, Poplar Drive dirtbike issues , Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    2 kids identified as Michael and Nicholas, keep on riding their dirtbikes in the roads of Tulip, Aspen, Birch, and Poplar drive, keep on going up and down the roads doing wheelies and going crazy fast. This is been a on going event now all summer and still going. We need help with this issue please let's put a stop to this.
  • 184 S Main St Cheshire, Connecticut - Cheshire
    There is a beautiful black and white cat who is always sitting inside the window of the out of business Elite Clip at 184 S Main St. He/she is there everyday, and I am just concerned as to whether or not he belongs to anyone and is being fed and given water and taken care of properly, since I've never seen a person there (I drive by at least 7-10 times a day for work, and haven't ever seen anyone).
  • Peck Lane Cheshire Village, CT - Cheshire
    So many pot holes you cannot count...the road is very damaged and there is water issues from a brook running along side the road. Beware!
  • 100-124 Highway 68 Cheshire, Connecticut - Cheshire
    Please remember to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk, they have the right of way. People are walking to the stores, restaurants and library and it's a difficult place to cross the street. People speed through the crosswalk and ignore the walkers waiting to cross. Let's make this a more walking friendly town.
  • 692-698 Highland Ave Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    I've seen two kids coming out of the woods - then when they saw me they ran back in. What's going on in there?
  • Barking Dog Archived
    140-254 Lanyon Dr Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    Constant dog barking day and night. Owner keeps pet on screen porch year round!
  • 28-298 Schoolhouse Rd Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    Pot Holes, Crumbling Road - Poorly Maintained causing damage to vehicles. The road is worst toward the bottom of the hill. BEWARE WHEN USING THIS ROAD!
    Update - This road is being worked on now. I'll keep you posted.
  • Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    I was very disturbed when my child brought home a letter from school asking parents if they had requests regarding teacher selection for the next school year. In that letter it gives parents an option to request that their child not be placed in a class with a particular child. What are we teaching our child...if you don't get along with little Johnny mommy will request that you not be in class with them next year? This is insane. These letters asking parents for their request need to STOP. If there is a particular reason, such as a child needing a more structured classroom then that should be discussed on an as needed basis at a meeting requested by a parent and or teacher. The school should not open up a can of worms and said home letters!
  • Corner Of Avon Blvd. & Rt. 42 Cheshire, CT 06410 - Cheshire
    Rain or thawing always brings standing water and/or flooding at corner of Avon Blvd. & Rt. 42. This causes sidewalk flooding, freezing & icy conditions. This corner is a crosswalk and within a school zone. It is extremely dangerous in the winter time & very unpleasant in the spring time. It causes basement flooding and standing water in basement of house on corner. This can cause mold conditions. Very nasty!
  • 101-299 Mansion Rd Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    I've recently noticed cars speeding down mansion. This is very dangerous because there is quite a few children that walk to and from the bus stop and ride their bikes on this street. Enforcement or even a "Children at Play" sign needs to be posted.
  • Mansion Road At So. Main St. (Rte 10) Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    At night, the corner is so dark that it is difficult to see the road when turning from Rte 10 onto Mansion Rd (for example, you can't see if someone is in the street).
  • 289 South Main St Cheshire - Cheshire
    The hill has been totally neglected by the town and the state causing unsafe conditions.