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  • Sourgum Mill Off Mountain Rd Cheshire, Connecticut - Cheshire
    There is a crack in the road on Sorghum Mill Road just off of Mountain Rd. This crack has been there for at least two years. And every winter it gets raised introducing a road hazard. M the summer the pavement gets lowered and realigns with the rest of the pavement. That's probably the reason it doesn't get fixed.
  • 1712-1794 Reinhard Road Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
  • Tanglewood Cir - Cheshire
  • 535 Brooksvale Ave Hamden, CT 06518, USA - Cheshire
    There are numerous massive potholes all along Brooksvale road.
  • 100 158 Cook Hill Rd Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    When exiting Forest Lane. Looking Left down Cook Hill Rd towards Elim Park there are large bushes blocking your view of oncoming traffic. You have to pull out into road to see if cars are coming. Please cut them back.
  • Mansion Road At Rte 10 - Cheshire

    A dead tree is located at the end of Mansion Rd, at the entrance to apartments and between them and the nursery school. A large dead branch already fell off the tree into the street during a storm. The tree presents a hazard.

    Since this post, another branch or two fell off during the last very windy storm, about a week or so ago.

  • Corner Of Bradford Dr And South Main (Route 10) - Cheshire
    street light doesn't work properly
  • 752 Townsend Ave New Haven ct 06512, USA - Cheshire
  • South Main St Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    Yesterday while driving on Rt. 10 I noticed a car with 2 children under 5 who weren't in any kind of carseat or seatbelt. They were climbing and leaning into the front seat. This is not only dangerous for them but others on the road, because its a distraction for the driver. Please, if you see this call the police, I dont want to see any child hurt in an accident.
  • 402-486 Mt Sanford Rd Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire

    The pavement on the bridge is in horrible condition they just keep putting band-aids on it. I wish they would mill it and put fresh asphalt down.

    Well they have recently resurfaced the road by using oil and gravel on top of the old asphalt. This only fixed small problems this road had pot holes and dips in the road are still present.

  • 197 199 Mt Sanford Rd Hamden, CT - Cheshire
    Stop/pedestrian crossing sign needed at intersection of Mt Sanford Road and the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail. Lots of people speeding down this stretch of road. The trail needs to be more clearly marked.
  • Mckee Place Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    There is a sign at the intersection of McKee and Knotter that is blocking the view down Knotter when pulling out of McKee. It's hard enough to pull out of there on a normal day because of the plants and lack of lawn care.