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  • Oak Ave Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    garbage pickup usually skips a day after the 5 major Holidays. This week it didn't and many of us have to put our garbage back into our garages in 90 degree heat
  • 482 Mount Sanford Rd Cheshire Village, CT - Cheshire
    Pothole repair and road repair needed at intersection of Mt. Sanford and S. Brooksvale.
  • 1417-1555 Peck Ln Cheshire, CT 06410, USA - Cheshire
    Pot holes an worse for a half mile from this point to the intersection with Sandbank Road heading south on PEck Lane. Road is in terribly poor condition since summer of 2009. Made worse by this year's spring thaw and rain.
    Continuous patching is NOT working as the asphalt comes up within the same day it is put down.
  • Jarvis Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    Asphalt sunken in around manhole
    causing street hazard
  • 264 Harrison Road Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    Yorkiexdachsund, rust and blonde. small 16lb, long hair near rear legs. Big brown mark on testicles. 3 years old. escaped out of garage Call Home Again 1-888-466-3242 #985170001552781
  • 425 Mount Sanford Road cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    friendly orange kitty with huge tail is missing. He is thin with really long legs and answers to Monty or Monster. He is very vocal.
  • 167 Highland Ave Cheshire Village, CT - Cheshire
    Monster potholes at exit from Maplecroft Plaza to Rt 10
  • 425 Mt. Sanford Road Cheshire, CT - Cheshire
    Lyle is a very sweet cat who is very talkative. He is always hungry and loves to snuggle. He only likes to be picked up a certain way. He brings so much joy to our lives we hope he is okay. His family misses him so much.