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  • 20th St Loop Manhattan, NY 10009, USA - Gramercy

    Near the western exit to our 20th St. Loop here in Stuyvesant Town, an ongoing eyesore & nuisance has been LOADS of garbage (big, black garbage bags mostly, but also misc. crap, misfit garbage, papers, furniture, & as you can see from the photo, MATTRESSES) just left out on the curb 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I'm getting really disgusted with it.

    No other 'loop' here in Stuytown has this problem. Only ours. For some reason, the maintenance guys for our loop are able to get away with this, & I am truly TIRED if seeing this garbage in display ALL THE TIME.

  • 210 East 58th Street New York NY, USA - Midtown
    Whole block is filled w road plates
  • 511 East 80 St New York, NY 10075, USA - Upper East Side

    511 East 80th ST

    The building owner lives in the building and didnt like the noise the heater was causing in the builidng and decided to have it shut off. This was sub 40 degree temperature at night. We have no heat and no one knows when it will be back on. This is ridiculous

  • Blight Archived
    94-1-94-99 Fdr Drive New York, NY 10128, USA - City Council District 5
    497 summer at reported in March of 2014 is still a disgrace. What has been done?
  • 119 East 83rd Street New York ny 10028 - Upper East Side
    our entire building has had no heat during the coldest week in new york, in the midst of snow storms for almost a week. the super mentioned a boiler issue in passing but we haven't gotten any reaction from the owner of the building. no updates, no apologies. nothing!
  • 57th Street And 6th Ave New York, New York - Midtown
    Not lying: this pothole is as big as my VW Golf. I got sucked into this and it ripped the bottom of my car off!!! This has GOT to get fixed!!!
  • 517 Lexington Ave New York, NY - Midtown
    The crosswalk signal shows walk and stop indicators simultaneously.
  • 337 W 138th Street New York NY 10030, USA - Carnegie Hill
    There's 65 apartments in this building. During the month of Jan. we have been without heat and hot water for at least 7 different days.
  • No hot water Archived
    522 E 20th St Manhattan, NY 10009, USA - Gramercy
    As with many other days here in Stuyvesant Town, again there is no hot water. The excuse THIS time is Con Ed repairs.
  • 312-398 E 95th St New York, NY 10128, USA - Upper East Side
    An auto shop by the name of AC Delco located on 95 St between 1st and 2nd avenue park 12-15 cars being serviced on the street. Not only do they prevent other people from parking by holding spots for their cars but also wait till street cleaning times expire and its a mad rush to get those spots. Add the 2nd avenue subway construction and we have a major problem. This cannot be tolerated any longer.
  • 190 Park Ave New York, NY 10177, USA - Midtown
    During the summer I saw a guy in an electric wheelchair forced to jump off the curb, and his chair tipped over. A large group of us helped him up but their absolutely needs to be a handicap ramp for these sidwalk corners!
  • 135 East 46th Street New York, New York - Midtown

    There is a large pothole as you are turning left on E. 46th (from Lexington). The pothole is on the left side of the street.

    Thank you.