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An area of ethnic diversity, great shopping, and food. Let's work together to make this area our home.

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  • 537 Grove Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    The gate at the rear of this house that has a "No Trespassing" sign attached to it has been broken into. Please secure this property again. There have been squatters on this property for 2 days now.
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    604 San Pablo Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    A new Commercial BBQ vendor is operating in the center of R1 zoned area of our neighborhood, 604 San Pablo St. NE, 87108 parked on the street at the curb of the operator’s home. This food truck vendor is emitting smoke and starter fluid fumes that enter neighbors’ evaporative coolers. There are no visible vendor licenses, AFD annual permit, or Enviro food permits visible on the exterior of this RV truck or attached BBQ grill trailer. There is no trailer license plate attached to the BBQ grill trailer. The only visible identification is a NM RV license plate (07147-RV-P) in the rear window and menu sign that reads “Big Dog BBQ”. Smoke and fumes have been emitting from this trailer for 3 days solid as of this notification. I have witnessed this guy actually pouring starter fuel on the fire while meat was on the grill. I pray no one buys his product. There are elderly neighbors as well as young chidden living within 150 feet of this violator; some with already compromised health. Please see that this Commercial BBQ vendor moves his operation to an appropriately zoned location and is reported to each CABQ Division whose process has been violated. Thank you.
  • 5501 Trumbull Ave Se Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - South San Pedro
    Giant RV with a flat front left tire. No license plate. Parked Sunday afternoon with a sheet pulled across the inside of the windshield. Had been seen at various places in the neighborhood for the last couple of week. Owner probably intended to leave it parked in the public library lot, but security wouldn't let them so they left it parked on the street. Looks like usually someone lives out of it.
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    6000 Anderson Ave Se Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - South San Pedro
    This "camp" has been growing over the past year. On the other side of the fence is Wilson Middle School, across the street is Altura Prepratort School and on the other corner is Holy Ghost Catholic School. The children are yelled at by homeless drug users who now LIVE at Wilson Park. One child at one of these schools was pricked by a dropped heroine needle on the playground. Now this child has to do quarterly blood tests. Janitors have to rake the sand at the playground every morning for needles. There has to be a police presence. If the city can not maintain the park it should be sold. Something bad has already happened and I am sure something worse will be on the horizon.
  • 8309 Marquette Ave Ne Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - La Mesa
    They will not stop setting off exploding fireworks!
  • 913 Ortiz Drive Southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico - South San Pedro
    This vacant lot north of 7-11/Alon store is covered with trash east side of property, several old torn up mattresses along San Mateo and along Southern. Also tent like structure of blankets and tarps on SE corner at 7-11.
  • 537 Indiana St Se Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - South San Pedro
    APD should REALLY in force the road turning lanes on Central and San Mateo, and Louisiana and Central!
    In these Lane's mentioned they are BUS ONLY turning Lane's!!!!!
    Yet people miss use those Lane's too turn!!!!
  • 410 Espanola St. Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    410 Espanola St. is an abandoned house that was recently spray painted with graffiti. It is the only house on the street north of Copper with graffiti on it. Neighbors have stated they have seen squatters going in and out of the house. The house has been abandoned for a long time and is across from La Mesa Elementary school. The house poses a danger to children going to school at La Mesa, as there is already illegal activity going on there (i.e. squatting and graffiti). It would be nice if the city could help address this issue, not just by painting over the graffiti, but by posting no trespassing signs or purchasing the property outright and expanding the community garden onto this property. Please help to improve this community. Thank you.
  • 540 Utah Street Northeast Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    Multiple (up to four or five at a time) vagrants living on the empty lot north of the public garden in spite of posted no trespassing signs. So far contacting the owner hasn't produced any response, the vagrants claim they have permission from the owner to be camping out there, and police refuse to remove them. So either they are trespassing or violating zoning, as no utilities exist on the property and they have been observed defecating/urinating on the property. This has been an ongoing issue since May 22nd.
  • 1110 Ortiz Dr Se Albuquerque, New Mexico - South San Pedro
  • 5500 Lomas Boulevard Northeast Albuquerque New Mexico 87110, Albuquerque, New Mexico - Fair West
    Second time reporting this issue. Last time closed with no indication of resolution.
    14-16-3-5 General Sign Regulations
    (C) Regulations Applicable to Signs in All Zones.
    (1) Prohibited Signs. The Following signs are prohibited and shall be removed or brought into conformance in accordance with 14-16-4-11 of the Zoning Code:
    (g) Free-standing signs with overhead wiring to supply electric power; however off premise signs are excluded unless underground power lines supply the site.
  • 700 Alvarado Dr Ne Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - Fair West