International District

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An area of ethnic diversity, great shopping, and food. Let's work together to make this area our home.

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  • 110 Charleston Se Albuquerque, NM - Trumbull Village
    The rear of this property, on the south side of the garages in the rear parking are is where the tenants are disposing of open containers of used motor oil, rusted garbage cans of glass and whatever, trashed TV's, mattress's, box springs, wood, too much to list. Mice roaches and ?? also there. When it rains, the oil is going to go into the water table. The area needs to be cleaned up!
    Also, zoning needs to look at the illegally attached shed to the rear of the structure by the adjoining property owner who is now 3 feet over the property line, and in violation of the 3 foot rule to boot! Please have zoning or whomever fine these people and get the hazards cleaned up and the violations removed.
  • 6517 Gibson Blvd Se Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - Elder Homestead
    People have taken residence in the RV's parked at the Donut Mart/gas station. It has created a litter and pest issue for the are. They are also starting fires at night to keep warm which is extremely worrisome for the residents next door. Please have this issue taken care of. Thank you.
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    312 Cardenas Dr Ne Albuquerque NM 87108, United States - Fair West
    Squatters in house again
  • Pothole Archived
    7728–7798 Southern Ave Se Albuquerque Nm 87108 United States - Trumbull Village
    The path through Phil Chacon Park has huge cracks that could be dangerous for bikes, people with wheelchairs, and people with canes.
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    8516 San Juan Rd Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
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    404 Vermont Street Northeast Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    I have reported this several times, again Homeless people keep coming to this property and keep taking one of the doors off. The building at this address has yellow stickers on the both doors. I have called the police on several occasions and the homeless leave for a few days or maybe a week and then they come back. They have so much trash in this yard it is pitiful. Please, get them out of the area.
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    312 Cardenas Dr Ne Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - Fair West
    People still squatting/living in a house with yellow tag. The inside door is open once again - they are coming in through the broken windows or open crawl space. Please stop closing this ticket until the issue is resolved. Referring it is not resolving it. Board up this house properly.
  • 1101 Madeira Drive Southeast Albuquerque, New Mexico - South San Pedro
    There in the ally at 1101 Madeira dr se..
    They go up and pop above the complex!
  • 207 Shawnee Ct Se Albuquerque, New Mexico - Trumbull Village
    Multiple dogs at property they are agressive with anyone who walks by they are mean to the children try to bite them. Owner refuses to fix the problem
  • 525 Grove St Ne Albuquerque, New Mexico - La Mesa
    Lots of illegal fireworks near grove and grand north east
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    5301 Rte 66 Albuquerque, NM 87108, USA - Fair West
    Parking on sidewalk
  • Pothole Archived
    7600 Southern Ave Se Albuquerque 87116, United States - Trumbull Village
    There are several huge potholes in the parking lot for Phil Chacon Park. They impact drivers who use this lot, as well as people that might bike through the lot to access the park, trail, and nearby community center.