DOT Mass Turnpike

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Area to capture issues relating to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

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  • Woodland Drive Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    Contractors working on Woodland Dr have been parking on both sides of the road. Cars can barely get down the road, I can't imaging emergency vehicles can with this being an access to the Mass Pike. This has been going on and off for 2 months now.
  • In the deck of the Dalton Street Bridge, a pothole goes through the roadway so that you can see down to the Mass. Pike below. The pothole tracker won't let you put a marker down without an address, but it's almost midway in the bridge between the parking garage and Boylston St.
  • 113 West St MA 01501 - US Congressional District MA3
    Large series of potholes under Mass Pike Bridge
  • ያንኪ ዲቪዥን ሃይዌይ Weston, MA - US Congressional District MA7
    There is a pothole that blew out my right front tire at approx 4:00pm today (1/30/2012) at exit 25 on I-95. It is in the right side of the left lane of the exit just as the exit begins to I-90. Getting a tow from the Pike home and then taking tomorrow off to get the tire replaced and an alignment was certainly not the way I envisioned ending my day. Please fix this pothole ASAP.
  • Eastbound In The Right Lane On The Massachusetts Turnpike Between The Entrance To The Prudential Tunnel And The Copley Square Exit. - Back Bay
    Very dangerous driving in the right lane on the Mass Pike going east just after entering the Prudential tunnel. Some drivers are swerving to avoid the rough surface/potholes creating hazardous driving conditions.
  • 261-299 Servistar Industrial Way Westfield, MA, 01085, USA - Westfield
    Hydrant Inspections - Servistar and Turnpike Industrial Way Area (19 Total) : 2200, 1495, 1327, 1763, 1764, 1765, 2835, 2834, 2833, 2704 1766, 2456, 2457, 2458, 2459, 2460, 2461, 2462, 2463.
  • 232 Ruggles Street Westborough, Massachusetts - Westborough
    Ruggles Road just before the I-90 Turnpike Bridge is riddled with potholes/broken up pavemen
  • 197 Cambridge Street Allston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    From getting off the Pike, until at least the traffic lights at Lincoln Street, what used to be two same-direction travel lanes is now about 1.5 lanes (full right lane and partial left lane) and two-lane travel is extremely hazardous. Have witnessed several near accidents as cars in the left lane swerve into the right lane to avoid jutting snow banks, or generally travel outside their marked lane due to their lane only being partially cleared for long stretches. Either better plowing or a temporary lane closure is needed to avoid an imminent accident.
  • pothole Archived
    Allston-Brighton Toll West Bound Boston, Massachusetts - US Congressional District MA7
    small but jarring pothole at the allston-brighton toll ezpass lane, far left, west bound on the MA pike
  • Pothole Archived
    Lockhouse Rd Westfield, Massachusetts - Westfield
    near turnpike underpass there a 2 bad potholes - hit these and damaged his rims and tires
  • Other Archived
    1 Lordvale Blvd Grafton, MA 01536, USA - Grafton
    These have been here since 4/13 - I figure whoever filled them forgot to report them to DPW. Under the Mass Pike overpass on Deernolm.
  • (pothole) Archived
    Interstate 95 & Interstate 90 & Grove St MA 02466, USA - US Congressional District MA7
    Ramp to Mass Pike