DOT Mass Turnpike

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Area to capture issues relating to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

Notified About

  • 361 Washington Street Newton, Massachusetts - Newton
    Passing this stretch of road on Washington Street (heading westbound between Crowne Plaza and Walgreens/away from Centre Street/Masspike split) there's are a series of potholes and dips along this stretch that makes a very unpleasant/rough ride on my car. Worried about the long term effects this may have on my vehicle or for an unfamiliar traveler who could do damage to their car unexpectedly who doesn't slow down or swerve to avoid the conditions in this location.
  • Pothole Archived
    137 Worcester St Massachusetts - Grafton
    Southbound on 140/122 directly under mass pike bridge
  • Pothole Archived
    16-26 Riverside Road Weston, Massachusetts - US Congressional District MA7
    Giant pothole on the road to the pike right next to golf course. Someone's going to blow out a tire there.
  • 1180 Washington Street Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Very rough patch of road - far left lane on mass pike - going west - across from small exit 17 sign.
  • Pothole Archived
    700-898 Holyoke Road Westfield, MA - Westfield
    Caller claims there is a large pot hole on East Mountain Rd near the MA Pike underpass.
  • 223-243 Pleasant Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There is a raised metal plate on the sidewalk over MA pike on the east side of the road. there is also a metal place on the ground.
    It is dangerous walking or biking on the sidewalk
  • 270 Cambridge Street allston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    stray shopping cart on sidewalk, 270 Cambridge Street between foreign auto body and wheel solutions and masspike
  • Cambridge St & Interstate 90 Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    Most columns near the former CSX rail yard are covered. Visible from Soldiers Field Road.
  • Allston Boston, Massachusetts - Allston-Brighton
    Trash is accumulating along railroad fence under Turnpike visible from Soldiers Field Road. The "graffiti train" is also something of an eyesore.
  • Pot Hole Archived
    Massachusetts Turnpike - US Congressional District MA2
    Pothole, left lane, Mass Pike East right before Mile Marker 96.9
  • Massachussetts Turnpike Framingham, Massachusetts - Natick
    Hi, I saw less than half an hour ago that there was a fire in the reeds and in the trees off the mass pike near exit 13 for Framingham/Natick. There was a presence of responders, but the fire was not yet controlled, and am not sure if further action must be taken. Please look into it.
  • Litter Archived
    62-70 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Trash pile on side of road by Mass Pike exit ramp.