DOT Mass Turnpike

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Area to capture issues relating to the Massachusetts Turnpike.

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  • This pothole is around a grate, and ate the front end of my car on the way to the airport recently. It is still there. It's on the downhill slope right before the tolls.
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    Heading west on the Pike, there are a series of spots in the left lane where the top few layers of ashphalt have been destroyed, resulting in just a mess of the road. You can't really swerve on the Pike, so you just have to clinch your teeth and hope a tire doesn't blow.
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    Interstate 90 Auburndale, MA 02466, USA - Newton
    Huge pothole right on the turnpike. Middle lane.
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    Interstate 90 Framingham, MA 01701, USA - Framingham
    large break in the pavement at the bottom of the eastbound ramp to Rt. 30 off the MA Pike
  • 1672-1676 Washington St Newton, MA 02465, USA - Newton
    Major sink holes/dips in road caused and continues to cause damage to vehicles at intersection of Washington and Comm Ave. Washington St from Comm through Mass pike ramps in West Newton need to be repaved. This needs immediate attention!
  • 55 99 Jefferson St Newtonville, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    I don't think the people heading towards the Pike on Centre always realize Jefferson is there. It's hard to notice, thus when trying to pull onto Centre from Jefferson, especially at the end of the work day, the intersection is often blocked. To make matters worse, the light only lets about 2 cars through before it changes.
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    77-99 Shawmut Ave Boston, MA 02111, USA - Central
    Numerous large potholes on bridge over the Pike.
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    Interstate 95 & Interstate 90 & Grove St MA 02466, USA - US Congressional District MA7
    Ramp to Mass Pike
  • Southbridge St & Interstate 90 Auburn, MA 01501, USA - US Congressional District MA3
    As you are getting on to the Pike west, in the left lane of the on-ramp, the road is disintegrating.
  • Massachusetts Turnpike Newton, MA 02458, USA - Newton
    Awful pothole on Exit 17 heading eastbound
  • 255 Washington Street Newton, MA - Newton
    There are two big holes in the seams of the bridge spanning the Mass Pike & RailRoad tracks. It looks like the hole is where two larger pieces of concrete used to assemble the bridge come together.
  • Massachusetts Turnpike Boston, Massachusetts - Back Bay
    This issue should probably referred to state authorities. There is no speed limit sign showing that the speed limit drops to 45 MPH (from 55) upon entering the Prudential Tunnel while traveling eastbound on the Mass Pike.