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  • Pothole Archived
    I-90 W Hopkinton, MA, 01748, USA - Hopkinton
    Pothole right lane exiting masspike East bound at 11A 495, destroyed tire
  • 232 Ruggles Street Westborough, Massachusetts - Westborough
    Ruggles Road just before the I-90 Turnpike Bridge is riddled with potholes/broken up pavemen
  • Massachusetts Turnpike W Chicopee 01020, United States - Chicopee
    Along turnpike
  • Other Archived
    114 A St Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham
    There are no speed limit signs on A St. The street has become the Indy raceway of the town with no speed enforcement on it. From the corner of Bonito Dr/A St to the high school driveway there are a total of 10 small children.
    The traffic on the st is non stop and most of it goes way too fast for the area. A St has become the "cut through" because no one wants to sit at the lights at the bottom of the hill. Also, there is a huge problem with 2 individuals on motorcycles who start from under the Mass Pike bridge, throw the bikes into gear and race down the street doing at least 80-90 (not together).
    Someone is racing around the high school parking lot and screeching brakes anywhere from before 7am on weekends to as late as 10pm to 2am week nights and weekends. How about some security cameras to those individuals can be caught? How about some speed limit signs (25 mph) and some type of speed enforcement to get these people to slow down?
  • 21 Sun Valley Dr Framingham 01702 United States - Framingham
    Hello- I am writing on behalf of myself and my neighbors: we would like to request a noise abatement wall to built along the Mass Pike—90. I know this is a large ask but i am starting here in hopes to be sent in a direction to make a further request if needed. The noise makes it very hard to Open windows and doors and have a normal conversation! I have started to collect names on a petition and want to show how appreciated this would be.
  • Highway Archived
    684 Central Street Framingham, Massachusetts - Framingham

    The noise coming from Masspike is horrible and getting louder with time. There is a constant loud roaring noise coming from highway which could be heard all around neighborhood surrounding central street, including indian head road and beyond. It is affecting the quality of sleep of residents, and we are unable to enjoy outdoor activities. The simpson park can not be enjoyed because of noise pollution, and there is no peace and quiet in the near by cemetery. The DOT does not even acknowledge there is an issue. The Town must take this issue with DOT, so at least we are on the list for DOT high way noise barrier program for future construction. This is a serious issue which is destroying the peace and tranquility of Framingham residential neighborhoods. I hope the Town will start an initiative to resolve this very important problem.


    Khayam Shaukat

  • 925 East Mountain Road Westfield, MA - Westfield
    In between the turnpike bridge and the railroad bridge two sinkholes starting to form
  • Soldiers Field Rd Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    On the access road to Soldiers Field Road/Storrow Drive eastbound, between Western & River, near the entrance to the Mass Pike, the lane markings for the right-most two lanes have worn off. All other lane markings are present and visible. This has led some drivers to not realize that it's a two-lane area; they presume there's only one lane available.
  • ያንኪ ዲቪዥን ሃይዌይ Weston, MA - US Congressional District MA7
    There is a pothole that blew out my right front tire at approx 4:00pm today (1/30/2012) at exit 25 on I-95. It is in the right side of the left lane of the exit just as the exit begins to I-90. Getting a tow from the Pike home and then taking tomorrow off to get the tire replaced and an alignment was certainly not the way I envisioned ending my day. Please fix this pothole ASAP.
  • 99 Massachusetts Ave Boston, MA 02115, USA - Back Bay

    A few years ago, Boston added a left turn lane from Mass Ave north to Newbury Street west and the Mass Pike ramp. To line up northbound Mass Ave's two straight-ahead lanes with the lanes on the other side, they added a dashed white line across the intersection to guide traffic to the left.

    The line quickly wore away, and now traffic from the left straight-ahead lane goes straight into the right lane on the other side. This is dangerous, and effectively narrows Mass Ave to one lane in one of its most congested spots.

    Boston DPW, please repaint the lane dashes across the intersection right away, and continue to do it each spring.

  • In the deck of the Dalton Street Bridge, a pothole goes through the roadway so that you can see down to the Mass. Pike below. The pothole tracker won't let you put a marker down without an address, but it's almost midway in the bridge between the parking garage and Boylston St.
  • Eastbound In The Right Lane On The Massachusetts Turnpike Between The Entrance To The Prudential Tunnel And The Copley Square Exit. - Back Bay
    Very dangerous driving in the right lane on the Mass Pike going east just after entering the Prudential tunnel. Some drivers are swerving to avoid the rough surface/potholes creating hazardous driving conditions.