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Making sure the West district of Gastonia is treated fairly and receives the attention form the city that other areas enjoy.

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  • 102 S Firestone St gastonia, NC - Gastonia
    An old utility pole needs to be removed (the pole is facing W. Main Ave). Please contact the phone company and have them move their lines to the adjacent newer pole.
  • West Main Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia

    In this section of town, the city owns a few alleyways that were once used for trash pickup purposes. Since the, the alleyways have been neglected and in need of fresh gravel. One such alleyway exists between S. Firestone & S. Dalton streets, and it turns into a mud hole after it rains. Please address this ASAP.


  • 2337 Milton Ave Gastonia NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    My brother have a sewer going into his yard but there no pipe just a hole he had to dig he ask city to fix it they told him he buy the pipe they put it in for him that not fair people down the road complain about there problem they get there problem fix without paying the city
  • Please close case
  • 600 West Davidson Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The blinking light at the intersection of Davidson and Morris is hanging low. It looks like the pole is tilted a bit.
  • Modena Street - Gastonia
    The cemetary where my brother has been alid to rest is a wreck. The grass is NEVER cut, it has a fence but no gates to be locked and things are stolen from there all of the time. It is the worst cemetary in Gaston County. The city of Gastonia is over the grounds but they do not do anything about it.There are bad holes in the roads in the cemetary and also some of the graves are sinking in, something needs to be done about this awful mess. My brother was put there to be in peace not to have filth all around. It is just disgusting how the city does not take care of things. I bet if a city leader was put there it would be clean and gates put up to be locked at night.
  • 3501 Heather Lane Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    There are numerous pot holes all around my house and there are so many that you have to try to dodge them all but then I hear other people hitting them all the time and its get on your nerves because this a pretty large development and there is a lot of cars. This is a state maintained area so I don't know why they can't come out to pick all these potholes.
  • 1402 W Mauney Ave Gastonia, NC 28052, USA - Gastonia
    we have sent you information before that you ignored! This neighborhood in West Gastonia is in desperate need of help. You may view the problems at www.lifeingastonia where we have posted pictures and more.
  • 510 Allison Avenue Gastonia, North Carolina - Gastonia
    The street light would blink on and off when the wind would blow. Know it has stop working. Dark in this spot.