9th Ward

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Watching issues created after: 2010-02-01

This watch area consist of Philadelphia's 9th Ward. This includes the neighborhoods, Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill.

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  • 8420 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA - Chestnut Hill
    This is a general comment regarding the pedestrian cross walks and the pavement lane markings in Chestnut Hill.
    They were repainted a few years ago but the paint didn't last very long (months) and most crosswalks have no visible markings. The centerline on the pavement has been nonexistent until recently when it got a "sticker" applied. This sticker has already peeling and gone in many places.
    For a street that is supposed to be pedestrian friendly I hope the city can get this corrected.
  • 3 E Mermaid Ln Philadelphia, PA 19118 - Chestnut Hill
    the mayor of east mermaid lane mitch melton and mr. craig sears should be embarrassed beyond comprehension to allow their street in chestnut hill to become a mish mosh patch up job. These individuals detested having a supermarket built facing Mermaid Lane, yet, turned a blind eye towards Winston Road.
  • 8911 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19118 - Chestnut Hill
    The whole stretch of Germantown Ave. between Bells Mill and Chestnut Hill Avenue is a mess. There are giant divets and bumps in the pavement all along this stretch of road. Stay as far to the right hand side as you can to avoid them.
  • 223 East Highland Avenue Philadelphia, PA - Chestnut Hill
    This house has been empty for over 3 years and is in absolutely horrible condition. I have contacted L&I but it seems they either don't care or cannot do anything. The owner (Liliana Falkenstein ,PO Box 34735, Phila.,PA 19101 doesn't seem to care. Maybe if enough people pressure her she will sell this property.
  • Emlen St Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    It's like a minefield. Tons of potholes.
  • 7462 Mccallum St Philadelphia, PA 19119 - Mount Airy
    This street has never been repaired correctly , starting from card-carrying liberal William J. Green, Wilson No Goode, Rendell, the homeless bum dressed in a 3 piece business suit, John One Way Street. Get a Japanese contractor to repair this road correctly!
  • Valley Green Road And Wolcott Dr Philadelphia, PA - Chestnut Hill
    There is a large pile of sand or salt visible from this intersection that poses a danger to cyclists in the area and could cause significant environmental problems as runoff during storms.
  • Chestnut Hill Philadelphia, PA, USA - Chestnut Hill
  • 9601 Germantown Ave Philadelphia - Chestnut Hill
    On Germantown Ave, approaching Chestnut Hill College, the narrow bike lane is separated from the roadway by a deep rumble strip.
  • 440 E Mt Airy Ave Philadelphia, PA 19119, USA - Mount Airy
    Dangerous unplowed snow has become ice and all cars passing through busy thoroughfare are swerving into one another and into parked vehicles.
  • 7325 Emlen St Philadelphia, PA - Mount Airy
    TONS of potholes.
  • Many Potholes Archived
    7816 Crittenden St Philadelphia, PA 19118 - Chestnut Hill
    At the entrance to the shopping center the road surface is in terrible shape with many potholes and surface defects.