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not much speeding on our streets also drunk drivers when the bars close...

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  • 147 Tulip St Bristol, CT 06010 - Bristol
    how many times a day i see cars blow threw the stop sign...and lets not forget the speeding??? wheres the police when this is happening?
  • 59 Park St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    2 Street Lights Out Starting a 59 Park St and the next one West of that ?? 69 or 71 Park ? Starting with CL&P pole # 8020 and 2 poles west where the next light is. BOTH OUT. Now because of this one house was broken in to that I do know of. They have been out for about 3 weeks.
  • 126 Tulip St. Bristol, CT - Bristol

    this fence ts owned by the city of Bristol..the force from flood waters took it down. there is a 12 to 15 foot drop down to the river bed which now due to the lack of rain is very rocky. someone is going to get hurt or even killed. i'm uploading a youtube video hard to see but its right next to the yellow garage..

  • 254-274 West St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    Bristol police please take notice of the loud motorcycles and vehicles in the city. There are some Bikes riding around with open pipes and speed down our cities streets at all hours of the day and night.
  • 102-148 Tulip St Bristol, CT - Bristol
    on a daily basis there has been many cars speeding and just plain ignoring the stop signs on this corner. something really needs to be done..very dangerous with all the kids going to and from rockwell park...
  • Jacobs Street Bristol, Connecticut - Bristol
    I feel very fortunate to be able to have a dog as a companion and company on my many walks and hikes. Last week three adult men made threats against my dog and me. This is not the first time, and I cannot say for certain what their issue is aside from their referring to my dog as a "po-po dog". At the time my dog is not even barking at them or even looking in their direction. I do not respond to them, ignore them, and just keep walking. But these days people will do very ugly things for almost no reason. My concern is to stay safe and protect my dog so what is a person supposed to do?
  • 126 Tulip St. Bristol ct. - Bristol
    Theres a wide open space just before the bridge on jacobs st. due to a gaurd rail section down. it's been that way for months. i've see public works and the bristol pd. looking at it months ago.and nothing was done? with all the small children walking to & from school you would think they would have fixed this. not to mention theres a 20+ ft. drop down to the rocky river bed.this needs to be addressed!!!
  • 126 Tulip St. Bristol, CT 06010 - Bristol
    i been cleaning leaves in my yard since mid fall...public works cleans the park and piles up the leaves spends a whole day on this twice this fall!! blows them into a big pile and off they go i think it's a case of job security? well now i have to clean my yard again because of the winds we had.
    we pay these guys and hey why not comeback and spend another day blowing the leaves!!! i'm fedup!!!!
  • Jacobs St. Bristol, CT - Bristol

    this street light has been since the oct. snow storm? its a very dark and dangerous bend in the road. someones gonna hurt one of these nights....

    Update...happy to report that this issue is being fixed today...thank you CL&P...

  • 250-308 Park St Bristol, Connecticut - Bristol
    As above
  • 126 Tulip St. Bristol, CT - Bristol
    something needs to be done with this corner, put a traffic light or speed bumps it a shortcut to farmington ave (rt6) how many times have i pulled out of my driveway and almost have gotten hit. not to mention the adults/kids/and skateboarders heading into the skatepark..its been an on going issue please do something...
  • 2-20 School Street Bristol, Connecticut - Bristol
    Right in front of Paris Sports bar, the road has many deep pot holes. Very hard to avoid with the traffic there in the morning and afternoon rush hour. Almost had a Car hit me this morning because he swerved into my lane to avoid the pot holes. Very dangerous!