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PBPioneers is a group committed to keeping our urban landscapes in Point Breeze, South Philadelphia, clean and safe for the community. Please help us identify and rectify areas of unsafe conditions, especially in our Parks, Gardens and various green spaces. www.pbpioneers.com for more information

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  • 1700 Morris St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Newbold neighborhood

    Di Silvestro Playground located at 1500 Morris Street in the Newbold part of Philadelphia has created chaos for the residences who live directly around the playground. Young males ranging from the ages of 10 to 20 have begun to sit on parked vehicles and on the steps of residences after playing basketball. In groups of 6 and more they practice fight each other and lean their bikes on the vehicles nearby. Many of them check to see if the doors of the cars are locked when loitering in front of private homes. Along with the damage left from the bikes, they sit on hoods and in empty pickup truck beds. You can clearly see a string of cars that have sneaker marks and indented hoods from the group of males. They are normally present from the hours of 3pm to 8pm.

    Another issue is the fact that they also climb on top of the roof of the community center currently under construction and the equipment containers. Since there is no mediator or authority at a playground filled of teenagers after school it becomes chaotic inside and immediately around the playground.

    They often film themselves fighting each other and their activities to glorify the gang like culture. As an example seen in a video on YouTube called “SOUTH PHILLY 15th STREET goonz ( K.WALKER )” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DETfL6ZAqdM

    Many immigrants on the westside 1700 block of 15th street have no voice as they accept that a large group of thugs sit in front of their homes without confrontation in fear of retaliation. They become trapped until these young males leave or continue to another step after leaving all their litter behind. I myself have asked them to politely move off my step and have been cursed at when doing so. Calling the police is useless as they just move when they yell 5O. There is no reasoning with these males, they lack tact and respect.

    None of these males live immediately around the playground so they have no respect for the area around it. Often they are playing basketball bouncing the ball way past midnight on nice nights in an unlit court as residence try to sleep for work the next day. There used to be a fence which closed the basketball court off afterhours but since the community center is under construction the caretaker of the playground is no longer around. As this is just the beginning of the summer the playground is subjected to FLASHMOB like conditions after school with no presents of authority.

    "We run south philly" qouted in the video.

  • 1543 Morris Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    Swatters are now inhabiting the bombed out building at 16th/Morris. The property had been vacant following a fire a year ago. Neighbors have complained that they have been soliciting people walking and parking nearby the building.
  • illegal Dumpster Acknowledged
    1612 Mckean Street Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood

    There is an illegal dumpster outside of Molly's Daycare. The property address is 1612 McKean Street, but the mess is on the side of the building on Bancroft Street.

    The is a business but they make the city pick up their trash instead of hiring private trash removal.

    This garbage sits there all week in this heat and reeks to high heaven.

    Please help!

  • 1515 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Dumping by tenants at 1515 Tasker Street continues.
  • 1508 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Large dumpster, Lots of demo, no permits at 1313 s. 17th Street.
  • Mifflin St Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    Garbage piling up in abandoned tree well. On side of 1854 Carlisle St.
  • 1511 Tasker St. Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This house is zoned R10a and is being used as a rooming house with approximately 6 rooms and 2 shared kitchens. The new owners are having un-permitted work done on the house during normal business hours which appears to be an attempt at converting the house into several separate apartments. A major concern is the poorly constructed, 3rd floor addition at the rear of the property that is leaning towards the empty lot next door.
  • 1423 Tasker St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    Apt building keeping it's trash on street all week
  • 1701 S. 15th Street Philadelphia PA 19145, Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    When the weather is warm there is a 2005-ish White Buick with DARK (5%) tinted windows that parks near the playground. The driver a black male with dark complexion in his 20's along with a group of friends will pick up females to offer them drugs. Chicks come out of the car high and stumbling... They really think they car cool and blast the subwoofers in his trunk as they park. They will stop traffic just to "Holla" that the females who want to get high in the car. They are a nussiance to the playground filled with children.
  • 1514 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    1514 Dickinson has been vacant for at least the past six years, and recently windows have been opened on the second floor (Hicks Street side). The property may be hosting squatters or worse, and needs to be secured. This property has already been reported for unsafe conditions without response from owner. Time for a pink blight sticker and auction.
  • 1101-1109 S 16th St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Newbold neighborhood
    very frequent bike lane blockage of loading and unloading vehicles, dumpsters, machinery, and other industrial machines. illegal
  • 1421 Dickinson St Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    This massive muli-unit vacant has open doors and windows. Squatters and drug deals are frequent. The sidewalk is so bad, people pushing kids in strollers have to use the other side of the street. Especially dangerous when covered in ice and snow during winter months.