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NYC Community CleanUp is a city wide initiative to put low level offenders to do meaningful community service work. Our service is envisioned as a three step process. First we work with the community to identify areas of need. The second part is to send a crew of supervised clients to serve the community. Lastly we will report our results, including posting before and after pictures to our website.

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  • 664 Rugby Road Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    The tree at 664 is split and will fall any moment. People are crossing the caution tape posing for pics beneath it.
    A work order has been created by the forestry dept, but the tree is visibly splitting and will fall into the street and sidewalk. Both fallen trees at Rugby Road (664 & 668) need to be removed immediately.
  • Newkirk Plaza Brooklyn, New York - City Council District 40

    Constant issues with overflowing trash cans in Newkirk Plaza, especially on the West side, with garbage constantly blowing all over the Plaza. Perhaps more garbage cans or more frequent pick-up would solve the problem.

    Photo is 1 of 3 from 7/25/14

  • 700 E 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - City Council District 40
    2 years ago this homeowner illegally constructed an addition in violation of landmarks, under cover, during labor day weekend. he was issued a stop work order. today i see he has resumed work, still with no permits, and still in violation of landmark status! we have been fighting him for 2 years, and cannot believe! he has not been fined heavily and forced to tear down this structure. it violates his F.A.R. significantly, is constructed on top of his driveway, destroys the landmark nature of the house and neighborhood, and sits far too close to the neighbors. STOP HIM IMMEDIATELY! FINE HIM HEAVILY PLEASE!!!!!!!!! He also is a bad man, having intentionally tried to cause physical harm to the old man next door, who has now passed away. He used to throw garbage on the neighbor's porch, among other acts, hoping to cause the old man to fall. The widow now has her property illegally encroached upon and lives in fear of the temper of this selfish person.
  • Argyle Road And Cortelyou Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA - City Council District 40
    The tot lot at Cortelyou and Argyle was in sorry shape Tuesday morning (8/3). What looked like a big pool of vomit on and under one of the benches and the remains of a
    dead mouse under the jungle gym. Pretty disconcerting. Also there is an abundance of garbage, uneven floor areas with perpetual and useless orange cones, and the jungle gym has many areas of exposed metal.
  • Motorgate elevators Acknowledged
    688 Main Street Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The elevators on the north end haven't be working for years. There are many people who need to park on that end and require an elevator, especially handicapped. If you are handicapped or have health issues you are forced to try to get a space at the south end which is extremely difficult or park and walk inside the garage which is dangerous to the elevators and then walk back on the sidewalk to the building you are going to. The garage is in such disrepair. The lights in the north stairways are out many nights and there is garbage and debris all over
  • 428 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003 - Greenwich Village
    Every morning, FedEx trucks park in the bike lane and sort packages. This morning there were 5 trucks parked in the bike lane. This causes danger to cyclists who have to veer into traffic on this major bike route.
  • 198 Foster Avenue Suite D brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    "NYSN" this place is some kind of a rehab place, there are constant hangouts on the street ,they use the street as a waiting room, the commercial garbage container hasn't been picked up in just about a year or so and is being put out for reg DSNY garbage collection, the place is awe full and disgusting and dirty,
  • Houston @ Mott Strteet - Little Italy
    urgent...someone is intentionally destroying the street trees...this is the 2nd on, cut halfway through with a saw and ripped down...1st was at corner of Bond and Bowery. Please alert Police and Parks.
  • Red Bus Stop At Gristedes/ Motorgate New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Next to bench is two broken glass window panes broken by a man in a wheelchair parked there all day. Dangerous for kids and dirty as well. He discards food and garbage as well as feces onto the floor all day. This is a serious health and safety hazard.
  • Tot Lot Argyle Road brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    The neighborhood Tot Lot is starting to fill up with adults unaccompanied by children, which is a violation of city law. Additionally, since more adults have been in the Tot Lot, an area reserved for toddlers, other small children and their caregivers, there has been a major uptick in cigarette butts, glass bottles, and trash thrown everywhere. This is creating a very unsafe environment for small children. The Tot Lot should be swept and locked at night, as it was previously.
  • 1-11 Morningside Ave New York, NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    As the summer season draws near, my neighbors and I will be bombarded with fumes from the barbecuing in the narrowest area of the park. In the height of last summer, my apartment was filled with smoke. I urge the parks dept to move the barbecuing to an area of the park that is wider and has less of an environmental impact to residents living closest to the park.
  • 400 Argyle Rd Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    There are group of guys who loiter on Argyle outside the Salahi deli. They start in the evening and are there until the early morning. They drink, smoke pot, yell, fight, and urinate on the adjacent properties. They hit people up for money in a threatening manner, and leave their litter and bottles in and around parked cars, on the sidewalk, etc. And, their noise disturbs the people in the building above them.