families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.

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  • Newmarket Drive N. Newport News, va - Northampton
    At the intersection of Newmarket Drive N. and the entrance to Newmarket Plaza Shopping Center, from Sears toward Roses, the sign says "Stop" and "All Ways". This could cause a collision because the people driving into the shopping center from Mercury Boulevard do NOT have to stop. If you don't know that, and pull out in front of incoming cars, you could be hit.
  • Hampton Roads Center Pkwy Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    The Shrubbery in the Center Island of entrance to Sandy Bottom Nature Park is a traffic hindrance to vehicles leaving the park and entering Hampton Roads Center Parkway
  • 120 Saunders Rd Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Magruder Area
    Huge pothole on side of road (right side coming from J. Clyde Morris direction - left side if coming from Big Bethel Road) causing drivers to lose control of car if both hands are not the wheel while driving.
  • drug activity Archived
    316 Tappan Ave Hampton, VA 23664, USA - Buckroe
    people walking up to the house, one goes inside, comes back out shortly, then they all leave. cars too, same deal.
  • 80 Michaels Woods Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    There is a very large dip in the road going from Michael's Woods drive onto Decesare. It needs to be fixed.
  • 705 Norwood Cir Hampton, VA 23661, USA - Greater Wythe
    A large visble hole is in the street in front of address 705 Norwood. You can see inside the hole and if a car hits it a few more times the hole will get larger.
  • 503 Victoria Blvd Hampton, VA 23661, USA - Hampton city
    Speed limit drops to 35 and vehicles are doing 45 and over. Dangerous for neighborhood kids and elderly.
  • 2 Decesare Drive Hampton, VA - Northampton
    The school traffic that occurs daily on Decesare and Grey's Landing is ridiculous. Cars conduct 2, 3,5 point turns on Decesare in between the curb/ fire hydrants and the side of our cars (while the kids shuffle their way to school on the sidewalks behind them). They use our driveways to turn around. They block our mailboxes in the afternoon while the mailman patiently sits and waits for them to leave before he or she delivers the mail. This area is not a child pick up/ drop off location. That area is at the front of the school. Why isn't the city protecting our quality of life? I've already had one vehicle hit. Is this just supposed to become common place for me?
  • 1 Pirates Cove Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Phoebus
    Since Andrews blvd was repaved last year. Any time it rains or snow melts the water does not drain from the road at the end of pirates cv where it intersects andrews. When the weather turns below freezing this causes a icey patch. The contracter doing the paving did not grate this are to drain into the nearby storm drain.
  • Executive And Hardy Cash Drives Hampton, VA - Mercury Central
    Roadwork was flawed and had to be redone. Now we are still waiting and potholes have appeared on the roads. Signs are not properly placed to warn drivers of bump in road on Hardy Cash in front of motel; sign on ground. Potholes are at the intersection of Executive and Hardy Cash at the traffic light; man holes not properly marked and sitting up high on road. Damage to your tires is likely if you don't see them. Some are marked with green color some are not.
  • Interstate 64 Hampton Roads, VA 23664, USA - Phoebus
    The problem with tractor trailers following too closely to the cars in front of them, and speeding, is getting dangerously out of hand on our interstates. Everyone needs to maintain a proper following distance but its especially important that such a large vehicle is maintaining that distance. I don't want to be in front of one of these large trucks and see nothing but their grill in my rear mirror because they are so close to my bumper. State police, please start ticketing these drivers for following to close before someone ELSE gets killed because the driver has to make a sudden stop and plows into (and through!) the smaller vehicles on the road!
  • Grey'S Landing And Decesare Drive Hampton, VA - Northampton
    Newly posted "No Stopping, No Standing, No Parking" signs are blatantly being ignored. The u-turns and reckless driving continue at this intersection, not to mention speeding on Grey's Landing. Officers need to enforce and CITE offenders from 0655 - 0800 and 1355 to at least 1430. This is a child safety issue that deserves attention.