families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.

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  • Commander Shepard Boulevard Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    Drivers exiting from N. Armistead Avenue onto N. Commander Shepard Blvd frequently fail to yield to oncoming traffic. They apparently don't realize that they are merging into traffic and that drivers traveling North on Commander Shephard have the right of way. I have seen many near misses and was actually hit from behind while yielding to oncoming traffic (resulting in minor back injury and the total loss of my mother's vehicle). This traffic problem is often the source of conversation in my office. Perhaps a flashing red light or stop sign would help. This is a very dangerous area.
  • 3001 W. Coliseum Drive Hampton Va 23666 - Mercury Central
    Shrubbery in front of C&F bank at the intersection of Hardy Cash and Coliseum Drive (in front of Sentara Careplex) needs to be trimmed down. Blocking view when turning right off of Hardy Cash to Coliseum Drive
  • 305 Martha Lee Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Aberdeen
    There is a small cement curbing that extends out in the intersection of W Mercury Blvd and Martha Lee Drive as you make a left from Martha Lee Drive onto W Mercury heading south, i.e. between the 2 Mercury Blvd lanes. Clearly this was an after thought to protected the cross walk. The curb, aka cement island is not painted, at one time years ago there was a pole marker showing where the curb started because it jets so far into the intersection. It was taken out via of cars hitting it. Please paint this thing yellow, add one of those pole marks so you can see it. It totally blends into the roadway and if you make what you think is a normal tight left turn you run up and over it. Just about one of the worst ideas someone had. Even when you know it is there in bad weather poor light tough to judge how far you need to swing around it, you just can't see it because your headlights are focusing forward and it's off to the left. Just look at the tire markings on it. That should give you a clue.
  • 1901-1951 Nickerson Blvd Hampton, VA 23663, USA - Buckroe
    Totally disregarding Jones Middle School Zone. Many are parents turning into the school for drop off or teachers running late.
  • Fort Worth St Hampton, VA - Foxhill
    There are many duck droppings on the sidewalk. This is unsightly, and other animal can get sick from this. Sidewalk also needs to be better edged. Get out there Hampton, and make this right. Wash and edge this issue.
  • 1919 Commerce Drive Hampton, VA 23666 - Greater Wythe
    There is a very deep pot hole at the foot of the Aberdeen Road exit as you exit 664 towards Hampton. I drove over it on a dark night recently and was surprised that i didn't break an axle.
  • Wythe Creek Road Hampton, VA - Langley Air Force Base
    There is a foul smell in the area of the bridge as you drive into Poquoson. It is alot worse on some days then others.
  • 800 Block Of Todds Lane Hampton, VA - Northampton
    Several small cars (Civics?) with what has to be illegal exhaust are racing up and down Todds Lane at all hours of the day and night. This has been going on for several months. Please, please start patroling this area. It is very loud (rattles my windows) and most disturbing is that I have almost been hit twice by the speeding cars while trying to turn into my driveway.
  • Hampton Club Dr - Mercury Central
    the light at hardy cash and hampton club dr the straight a way lights on hardy cash always turn red where the traffic is actually flowing but turns green every couple of minutes for hampton club dr and the extended hotels have no traffic at the light. very very annoying can we get a time study please??
  • Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    There is a rough area at the red light on Big Bethel and Saunders road. This will be addressed with the approved paving budget. leave this open until it is repaired.
  • Traffic light Archived
    Thomas Nelson Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Magruder Area
    During TNCC hours the traffic lights at Big Bethel & Thomas Nelson Dr. should be set at a shorter time eliminating the backup on Thomas Nelson Drive.
  • 81 Research Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Magruder Area
    Every time there is significant rainfall this area floods. I have lost a car engine due to it. There is one storm drain near a facility driveway; but there is no warning that the area is prone to floods and there is no other way in and out of this area.