families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.

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  • Renting Rooms Archived
    208 S. Hope Street Hampton, VA - Phoebus
    This address is has posted signs for a Room for Rent. This is a single family residence and per zoning, rooming houses are no longer allowed in this area.
    This house is also well known by police as a trouble spot.
  • 100 North 1st Street Hampton, VA - Buckroe
    Drinking and crackheads here. Beach needs to be patroled mo better
  • 1400-1500 Todds Ln Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    Due to the length of the drainage problem area from about 1400-1500 Todds Lane there is obviously a clogged drain system some place in the area. Any time there is a rain storm there is a long strip of water back ups in the area. I have forgot this before and it is like a long lake.I believe that the problem is over time debris has gotten in these drains and causes the backup. It is at it's worst by Northampton Church of Christ, right across from the school. The anount of flooding is really made dangerous if school is to let out when there is a rainstorm. I hate to think what would happen if some little child drowned trying to cross the street.
  • 10000 Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA - Downtown
    The timing of the lights on Warwick Blvd are inexcusable. If one is doing the speed limit, he or she should not have to stop at more than one light unless the intersection is major (J Clyde and Oyster Point eg.). The lights on Warwick are set up so you hit every one unless you drive like a maniac, in which case you can beat them. This is a dangerous recipe and a waste of our time and gas. Despite the city engineers claiming it is hard to do or it cannot be done, I know it can be done because I used to be able to get off 664 at 35th street and get all the way to Main Street at the speed limit and never hit a red light. Please retime those lights downtown to Main Street and continue the strategy all the way to Fort Eustis.
  • Warwick Blvd Newport News, VA - Buckroe
    Parents drop their children off at Denbigh Early Childhood Center which used to be Resevoir Middle School at the corner of Warwick Blvd and Industrial Park Road in Denbigh.... but it seems they have to wait to drop them off so the line of cars reaches out to Warwich Blvd, creating a sudden stop for motorists traveling in that direction in the morning. The cars are just sitting there in the far right lane with their brakes on. I think it is unsafe and an accident waiting to happen. Why doesn't the school allow parent to wrap their vehicles around the parking lot while waiting to drop their children off as opposed to having them sitting in a driving lane on Warwick Blvd creating a safety hazard. I can't believe NNPS and/or NNPD have not corrected this issue.
  • Butler Farm Rooad Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    I was cut off this morning by a man driving a silver Infinite who decided to make his own turn lane at the traffic light; I was in the outer left turn lane and he turned left along side me from Westbound lane headed towards NASA. He scared me because I didn't know where he was going. Had I not blew my horned and stopped he would have hit me.
  • 100 Blk Westbrook Dr(Turn West Off Of N. Armistead Ave) Hampton, Virginia - Mercury Central
    About 50 ft. from N. Armistead ave. on 100 blk Westbrook Dr. there are several potholes (1 large and several small.) Please repair them.
  • drug deals Archived
    Peachtree Lane Hampton, VA 23665, USA - North King St
    a house on this street is known for its drug deals, tons of cars all day long drive up for two minutes a guy walks out hands them something and then they leave, five minutes later another car pulls up etc. etc. etc.
  • 3499 Von Schilling Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Mercury Central
    Can something be done about relocating the entrance to the Hampton Bank of America that is right next to the corner of vonSchilling and Coliseum? Cars turning left from Coliseum onto vonSchilling and then turning into the bank cause back up into the intersection on a regular basis. This is especially a problem because the parking spaces in the parking lot of the bank start immediately after the entrance from vonSchilling and cars exiting their parking spaces add to the problem by hindering the traffic entering the parking lot. This whole corner is hazardous primarily because of the bank parking lot entrance being located so close to the corner.
  • 4000 Buchanan Drive Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Downtown
    4000 Buchanan Drive Hampton VA 23669
    house for sale & yard is knee-high with weeds; plants falling over. Eyesore!!!!!!!!!
  • Appolo Dr Hampton, VA 23663, USA - Phoebus
    Appolo Dr from Willow Oaks Blvd to Clemwood Parkway is ATROCIOUS.
    I don't know if the city is reponsible or the Willow Oaks Association for filling in the pot holes BUT SOMEONE SHOULD.
    This road is deplorable to drive.
  • 20 Northwood Dr. Hampton VA - Aberdeen
    Usually after 5pm, drivers fly down this street! Its been going on for yrs.