families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.

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  • Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Norfolk, VA 23503, USA - Hampton

    Driving east through the tunnel during the afternoon I notice that allot of the slow down and stopping of traffic takes place at the end of the tunnel as drivers are exiting to go onto the bridge. As to the exact cause I find three possible solutions for this that could be corrected.

    (1) The day light when coming out of the tunnel is overly bright and as all you can see when you get close to the exit is a bright white light this causes some drivers to slow down due to the sudden near blindness. The solution for this would be to put a canopy of black shade mesh over the tunnel exits for the length of the side walls that would reduce the glare so as to not blind drivers.

    (2) The bridge curves off to the right which tied into number one and a lack of a road sign indicating a curve causes motorists to slow down or suddenly stop. Put up a sign to warn of a curve in the road.

    (3) There are pull offs to the left and right of the tunnel exit and at times there have been vehicles that have been there waiting to merge into traffic or parked. This causes people to slow down or stop suddenly. Put up indicator lights that would tell drivers if there is a vehicle present in the right or left pull off outside of the tunnel so that they would be aware and proceed with caution.

    (4) Sea birds tend to flock heavily at the east end of the tunnels and as a result many are killed daily because they land in the roadway or swoop down causing motorists to stop or swerve suddenly. Put up decoys of predatory birds to scare them away.

  • 458 Bonifay Drive Hampton, VA - Northampton
    small section of pavement adjacent to gutter has sank approximately one inch into roadbed. Water won't drain. Mosquito breeder.
  • Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA - Northampton
    There is a repair hole in the turn lane that has some asphalt in it. I say a repair hole because it has cut edges and you can see some new patch in it when you drive by.
    Last night I hit this hole and thought I was going to lose a tire! Please have whoever didn't fix this to swing by and do so soon!
  • 1038-1042 Big Bethel Rd Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    Traffic entering Big Bethel Road from Radford Drive has to compete with high volume traffic - high school, new k-9 school, church across the street, etc. We have been told for years there would be a light installed there but so far no. Can we get some status or work?
  • 101-199 Lynnhaven Dr Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Northampton
    During A.M. and P.M. commutes, there are cars going more the 10 miles over the speed limit in this neighborhood. It becomes dangerous to leave our driveways. Drivers don't slow down, it has become the main street from Todds lane and Big Bethal. There is a school bus stop at Copperfield and Lynnhaven. It is dangerous for the kids to cross, because of the speeders. Pets have been hit. Something needs to be done so this will be fixed.
  • Lasalle Ave Hampton, VA - Mercury Central
    The road from armistead to the tide mill lane is very rough. The traffic markings are not there anymore. This needs to be corrected as it is a hazard to drivers on that busy road.
  • Michael'S Woods Drive And Decesare Drive - Northampton
    There is a big dip at the entrance of Michael's Woods Drive and Decesare Drive.
  • 1300 Block Andrews Blvd Hampton, VA - Buckroe
    cars are speeding on the 1300 block of andrews Blvd. Motorist get mad when a car slows down to get in their driveway. This is suppose to be a residential area.
  • Little Back River Road Hampton, Virginia - North King St
    the drain ditches are full of water. it was not like this in the morning when I drove to work. There may be a leak somewhere. I have seen this before.
  • Jafferson Avenue Hampton, Virginia - North King St
    Bad drains make it flood need to be dug out.
  • 1661-1705 North Armistead Avenue Hampton, Virginia - Mercury Central
    The shrubs by the railroad crossings are too tall and need ti be cut back. If you are driving a low car, you cant see over them. There could be homeless people darting out of these shrubs and they could get hurt by passing cars. I do hope that they get cut back soon.
  • 3036 North Armistead Avenue Hampton, Virginia - Magruder Area
    At night it is very dark at this intersection. There is no lighting or signage indicating a T intersection. I would also recommend some kind of reflective marker on the other side of Commander Shepard Blvd so that drivers approaching this intersection from Magruder can see that the road ends into a T intersection.