families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.


  • Maintain 55 Archived
    Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Hampton, VA, USA - Hampton
    Enforce the MAINTAIN 55 rule in the tunnel. There are signs in the tunnel that say maintain 55. HELLO!!!! State police should ticket people exiting the tunnel at speeds less than 50. At least it would create revenue. Stop being so scary behind the wheel and drive people.
  • Grays Landing And Decesare Drive Hampton, VA - Northampton
    Parents are dropping off their children and picking them up in an area that is not the designated parent pick up/ drop off location. That location is at the front of Phenix Middle School and Bethal High School. This area has been designated for emergency vehicles and was meant for school walkers only. Cars are driving to the emergency gate, parking in "no parking" zones and conducting 3+ point turns which is creating a safety hazard for walking students and traffic congestion. The signage needs to be corrected and enforced to deter people from making this their own personal drop off point in order to maintain safety for the children and quality of life for residents.
  • 1016 N King St Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Downtown
    When driving from relative north to south, if you want to merge onto mercury blvd to head relative east on a green light not a green arrow, the traffic in northbound turning lane to merge lane doesn't stop or yield to green light turning east traffic. in essence both drivers have to work it out between themselves of who goes first. both are green lights.
  • 9 Silver Isles Blvd Hampton, VA 23664, USA - Foxhill
    People making the left turn onto Beach Rd can't stay in the left turn lane, they swerve wide right, back into the through lane of Silver Isles Boulevard. I have had several close calls because this section of Silver Isles has a right turn only lane onto Revere Dr and a left turn only onto Beach. Traffic going straight has no place to go when the left turning driver feels the need to swerve 1, 2, sometimes even three and four FEET into the center lane before turning left!
  • Janet Drive Hampton, VA - Aberdeen
    Janet Drive needs to be repaved. The road has many poorly patched and open potholes that need to be fixed. All the streets in neighborhood need attention, but Janet Drive is one of the main thoroughfares in the development.
  • 2 Delmont Ct Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    Philmont drive was repaved a little over a year ago and it already has some potholes forming between delmont ct and westmont drive.
  • 1 99 W Pembroke Ave Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Downtown
    At the intersection of Pembroke and King St where the HRT Bus Station is located, on many occasions people cross the street without regards to the movement of traffic or signals. I witness numerous times cars screeching to a stop just because people decided to cross the street when they wanted to. I too have done that almost hitting pedestrians 4 times already and twice a cop was there to witness the same thing but did nothing! Its a matter of time before someone gets hit or killed before anything is done to enforce the use of crosswalks. Please do something to enforce better safety for pedestrians and drivers who use this route on a daily basis.
  • Pot hole Archived
    Saunders Road Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    Just before you reach the HRT bus stop there is a pot hole fairly close to the residents home that needs to be filled. Drivers are trying to miss this hole by using the residents yard as a way to get around the pothole.
  • Westover St. Hampton, VA - North King St
    Whenever it rains real hard the ditches fill up with water flooding my yard and other yards,including the street.Alot of people have been installing concrete pipe for more parking on street,this makes the flooding worse.The problem is getting worse,the city needs to "redo" this streets drainage!
  • Fort Eustis Blvd newport news , VA - Foxhill
    The speed limit has recently dropped from 45 to 35 on FT. Eustis Blvd. going toward Ft. Eustis. It's way too low. The opposite direction, headed to Yorktown, is still 45. The speed limit needs to be changed back to 45 or else the new 35 mph limit needs to be enforced by police. People ignore the signs, taligate, and fly past those who are following the new posted limit. It's creating a hazard.
  • Woodland And Andrews Blvd East Bound Towards Buckroe Hampton, VA - Downtown
    For 30 years, I have seen people who KNOW the right lane ends but zoom in front of the cars in the left lane. Even road rage at least twice a month because people in the right lane dont bother using a signal to get over in the left lane, they "gun" it to try and "beat" the cars in the left lane. Please!!!! Put a right turn lane only at Andrews and Woodland Road! Thanks. Linda
  • Virginia 134 Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    The traffic light at the intersection of RT 134 and Floyd Thompson Drive. When turning left onto Floyd Thompson Drive (into the research park), the timing is off. I have sat through 3 cycles of changes in the light before I was able to turn.