families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.


  • 379-399 N 1st St Hampton, VA 23664, USA - Buckroe
    serious safety concern for neighborhood children on the bus stops in the morning, pedestrians crossing to the beach, joggers, bicyclists. speed trailers and crosswalks have NOT slowed them down.
  • Magruder Blvd Hampton, VA - Magruder Area
    Anytime day or night, small children running across the roadway to go to the convenience stores. Somebodys gonna get killed!
  • 1525 N Mallory St Hampton, VA 23663, USA - Buckroe
    The street sign for Whitaker Ave @ Mallory is blocked by branches of a Magnolia tree. The tree is large enough that to have these particular branches removed without promblems. When driving down Mallory, with the HRBT behind you, a driver can not visually see the sign until your right up on it. I have to use geographical info to direct people to my neighborhood. Although the tree is located well within private property, I believe it is the cities responsibility to enforce proper visualization of the sign. I understand its not criminal, but it is certainly a nuisance.
  • Beach Road & State Park Drive Hampton, VA - Downtown

    New traffic circle at this intersection obscures view of children standing at bus stop.

    Circle also confuses drivers who are making turns incorrectly and causing hazards.

    Circle also obscures view of those turning left from State Park onto Beach.

    In addition, the circle is exceptionally unattractive, and the signs are dented because cars keep running into them.

  • 4900-4998 U.S. 258 Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Hampton city
    Drivers must wait 5 -10 minutes (or two or more light rotations) just to turn right onto Orcutt Avenue. This causes drivers to run light, especially if no other traffic is coming.
  • 1307 Lasalle Ave Hampton, VA - Downtown
    This area is accident prone because there is no merge lane for drivers coming off the interstate. They are usually coming off the interstate, full speed ahead and ignoring the yield sign. I see fender benders in this area often.
  • Lassiter Drive Hampton, VA - Aberdeen
    There is trash at the bus stops on Martha Lee Dr and Lassiter Dr and in front of the convienence store. It a eyesore. Who is responsible to keep the area clean. It is actually on the sides of the street. Maybe the streetweeper could be used in this area.
  • 1832 1898 N Mallory St Hampton, VA 23664, USA - Buckroe
    Now that the weather is warmer, they're back...On weekends, usually late afternoons, groups of decked out cars, maybe from an informal car club, will parade down Pembroke and ignore the 4-way stop, and continue down to the beach. This was a problem last year and we saw it again Saturday late afternoon. (April 3 around 4:30ish) And we’re not talking a rolling stop either; they just drive through and don’t give anyone a chance to go. There are too many pedestrians around to be ignoring traffic signs in that area.
  • Grey'S Landing Hampton, VA - Northampton
    People are speeding on Grey's Landing during pick-up and drop off hours of Phenix Middle School 0655 and 1400. This is a safety issue concerning child walkers coming and going to Phenix Middle School or Bethel High School and seems to be worse during the morning hours when parents are rushing their kids to school. Speed enforcement is needed.
  • Interstate 64 Hampton, VA - Northampton
    When traveling on I64 East or West there are people driving in the left hand lanes doing 50mph there are signs up that state slow vehicles stay in right lane. If people get tickets for driving fast, why don't people get tickets for driving slow in the left lane? Wouldn't that be causing a traffic problem? I think it ios a waste of our tax payers money is the police don't write tickets for slow drivers they are in the wrong just like the speeders.
  • Potholes Archived
    144-148 E Mercury Blvd Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Phoebus
    Major potholes just between Andrews Blvd and the bridge. They have been there forever!!
  • Bonaire Drive Hampton, VA - North King St
    We need a speed bump or two in our little community. There are families with young kids in the neighborhood, and drivers use Bonaire Drive as a cut-through to get to Woodland Road and Kecoughtan High School. They speed down the street and one of these days there will be a nasty accident. A speed bump will help with speeding and keep the families who live in the neighborhood and drivers using the street safe.