families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.


  • Coliseum Drive . Hampton VA - Mercury Central
    anyone try driving anywhere from Mercury Blvd to Sentara Hosp. you need MORE time. HORRIBLE messed up lights make it impossible. HORRIBLE.
  • Walnut St. Hampton, VA - North King St
    Walnut St. is the only direct street between Foxhill and Little Back River Road. Upon turning onto Walnut from LBRR, a motorcyle and some cars accelerate way over the speed limit on the straight part of the street. Many time the motorcycle does this after 10 o'clock at night. I think he may live in the subdivision. Please help! We have many children in this area.
  • Janet Drive & Briarfield Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Aberdeen
    The bushes and trees are blocking the view of traffic when turning off of Janet Drive onto Briarfield
  • State Route 167 Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Downtown
    Drivers do not obey the yeild sign when coming off of the interstate. there is no lane to merge from resulting in several accidents at this location
  • Meadowbrook Drive Hampton, VA 23666, USA - Mercury Central
    The yield signs at the intersection of Brookfield and Meadowbrook Drive need to be converted to, at the very least, a two way stop. Motorists regularly blow through the yield sign, and it has become increasingly worse since many are now cutting through when traffic backs up on west bound Mercury at the Armistead light.
  • Hardy Cash Dr. And Executive Dr. Hampton, VA 23666 - Mercury Central
    A left hand turning signal needs to be installed at the intersection of Hardy Cash Drive and Executive Drive. Traffic coming from Magruder direction makes it nearly impossible to turn on Executive from Hardy Cash during the week peak hours.
  • Lynnehaven Drive Hampton, VA - Northampton
    All up and down Lynnehaven people are speeding, if you drive the speed limit, the other cars are right on top of you. And on the side roads people treat the stop signs as yield signs and rarely stop at them.
  • 709 Newport News Ave - Greater Wythe
    Please clear clogged drainage, streets. Flooding occurs with the least amounts of rain. Causes hazards with stalled vehicles .
  • flooding Archived
    7 Mac Alva Dr Hampton, VA - North King St
    flooding-heavy rain; on the service road / N. king street man holes over flows with sewage .front and back yard on mac alva dr flood.
  • Lewis Road West Hampton, VA - Aberdeen
    Cars do not obey the speed limit of 25mph on West Lewis road.There are no sidewalks and pedestrians have to walk and children transfer from house to house in the street. We need SPEEDBUMPS.
  • Poor drainage Archived
    Szetela Ct Hampton, VA - Northampton
    Street susceptible to flash flooding due to poor/slow/blocked drainage. All other streets in area do ok during heavy rain.
  • 100 Blk Westbrook Dr(Turn West Off Of N. Armistead Ave) Hampton, Virginia - Mercury Central
    About 50 ft. from N. Armistead ave. on 100 blk Westbrook Dr. there are several potholes (1 large and several small.) Please repair them.