families on Lynnhaven drive.

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The neighborhood families feel helpless with controlling the dangers of speeders on Lynnhaven Drive. Difficult to enter or leave driveways or walk or ride bikes safely during peak traffic hours.

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  • Gray'S Landing Hampton, VA - Downtown
    Parents dropping their children off at Gray's Landing need to take their kids to the front of the school like they are supposed to. "No School Traffic" signs should be posted throughout the intersection and up Gray's Landing.
  • 1915 N Mallory St Hampton, VA 23664, USA - Buckroe
    Busses parking in this area every date has erroded the area next to the road, creating low spots that no longer drain, further undermining the road surface.
  • Little Back River Road Hampton, Virginia - North King St
    Litter and high grass in the drain ditch area. Not good for health of the land.
  • Lynnhaven Dr. Hampton, VA - Northampton
    The speed limit on Lynnhaven Dr. is 25 MPH and people are constantly flying down the street going faster than 25 MPH. It is a residential area and there are kids in the neighborhood.
  • Hampton VA, USA - Hampton
    older men in there 40s employing younger girls and allowing underage children (15 years - 17 years of age) to smoke tobacco in their shop.
  • Andrews Blvd Hampton, VA 23669, USA - Phoebus
    why can't the speed limit be lowered on Andrews and Mercury Blvd or signs saying that fines will be doubled ? People are speeding way above the 35mph speed ?
  • W. Queen Street & Mcdonald Rd. - Aberdeen
    Pavement on W. Queens Street & McDonald Rd. has a large dip and needs to be fixed addressed.
  • 1st St Hampton, VA - Buckroe
    There are crack heads and drunkerds who make this area their home. These people should be gived rehab treatment and a job to help them build a better life.
  • 301 Tappan Ave/Mallory St hampton, VA, USA - Phoebus
    scrap building materials on side of road. address is 301 tappan but its on the mallory street side. owner of 301 tappan dumped building material scrap on side of road. its been there for for two weeks.
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    Albany Dr And Whealton Rd Hampton, VA - Northampton
    When driving west on Albany there is a stop sign at Whealton. The view, looking to the right on Whealton, is impeded by a fence. (Edit-addition) Turning left onto Whealton off of Albany is especially dangerous as Whealton has a bend to the right making the view very short.
  • 720 Settlers Landing Rd Hampton, Virginia - Downtown
    There are 2 storm drain inlets that are severly clogged located on Ltnnhaven Pkwy, between the RR tracks and I264, and on the west side of the southbound lanes.
  • 2 W. Prembroke Avenue Hampton , Virginia - Downtown
    We are taxi drivers tha have a cab stand at the transportaion center. The issue that needs to be reported is that the restrooms at the Hampton transportation center is in the process of being remodeled or something. The issue is is that there is no where for anyone to use thebathroom but except behind the
    dumpster. It all ready smells like an outhouse. Because the passengers go behind the dumpster to pee or to defacate. Look at the trash around the dumpster. Who is responsible for picking it up? They got people to clean up inside. Why don't they clean up around the dumpster outside cause they put the tash from inside to the dumpster outside? They've been working on the restrooms for about two months I guess cause I don't know when they started. It smells really bad out by the dumpster which should be a public health issue