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  • Other Acknowledged
    100 West Brookland Park Boulevard - Brookland Park
    Permanent parking and street cleaning signs on wood post were removed illegally. See photo.
  • Other Archived
    201 W Brookland Park Blvd Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Brookland Park
    Graffeti is appearing on our storefronts, alleyways etc all along the Brooklandpark Blvd. Five new "tags" appeared in the past three days. City just recently paid to have all commercial buildings painted. Now there is some one or a group defacing 80% of our buildings. Called Graffeti hotline and recording stayed it was not available. Graffeti must be covered up immediately to deter further destruction of property and to send a message. It is obvious that the area is not being properly patrolled or monitored.
  • 3009 Fendall Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    The backyard of this vacant property has trash and grass over a foot high. Vegetation is entering neighbors' yards
  • 3215 Garland Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    trash alley way between 3200 block Garland and north ave
  • 3220 Hanes Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    There is a pile of brush in the Alley behind 3220 Hanes Avenue awaiting pickup.
  • 3206 Barton Ave Richmond, VA - Brookland Park
    Well known drug den is now cook site for making crack. Know drug dealers frequent house. Children live here and are often used a front by drug dealers to avoid police. Owner of house is fully aware of activites that go on in house.
  • 3130 Griffin Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Someone has dumped yard waste, old wood, and a tire behind my house. Please schedule a pick up. Please note that the addresses on my block are out of order; it reads as 3128 on gps. It's in front of a 6 foot wooden fence, not the chain link fence on either side.
  • drug house Archived
    3204 Barton Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Brookland Park
    known drug house with activity all hours of day and night. police called 100s of times but unable to resolve issues.
  • 2 East Brookland Park Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    LED sign on Boost Mobile building faces intersection and is too bright and distracting with animated graphics flashing. Distracts from stop lights. Driving hazard.
  • 3107 North Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    This property appears to be a lodginghouse and has had many police/fire/EMS calls in the recent weeks. I am concerned it is a zoning or fire code violation. Thank you.
  • alley needs grading Acknowledged
    Alley B/W Griffin & Fendall 3100 block, Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    These alley ponds are not only dangerous to those of us on two wheels trying to park our motorcycles in the backyard, but they're prolific mosquito breeding ground.
  • 100 E Brooklandpark Blvd Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    It appears that the new owners of 3022 Barton Avenue aka SC BARTON AVE LLC of 3801 IVORY CT, RICHMOND, VA 23222
    have attached a permanent sign to city lamp post # PG44. Sign is not authorized nor in compliance with the RVA Zone Signage Regulations. Similar signage was found at 3022 Barton which allowed residents to determine that the LLC is responsible for the hanging of the sign. Requesting that the sign be removed immediately.