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  • 3200 Lamb Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    The grass and poison ivy in the yard of this property is more than a foot tall. The current owner has let the property go into foreclosures and moved down the street. The northside basement window is missing allowing cats and raccoon to enter the building.
  • 3205 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    I saw that this had been reported and the issue was closed because the house was deemed secure. However, the house is not secure - doors in the rear are open and/or missing. One or more windows are unlocked or open. It has been vacant for more than a year. The grass is seldom cut, and no other yard maintenance is done.
  • 3205 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park

    The rear 1st and 2nd floor doors of this house were forced open during the past week. Young boys from the surrounding houses have enter the premises and thrown rocks through exterior and interior windows.

    The house needs to be be boarded up and secured. The grass also needs to be cut.
    Please do not close this ticket until the case has been resolved.

  • 3009 Garland Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    3009 garland ave Richmond VA 23222 house fire. property is open and unsecured
  • 100 E Brooklandpark Blvd Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    It appears that the new owners of 3022 Barton Avenue aka SC BARTON AVE LLC of 3801 IVORY CT, RICHMOND, VA 23222
    have attached a permanent sign to city lamp post # PG44. Sign is not authorized nor in compliance with the RVA Zone Signage Regulations. Similar signage was found at 3022 Barton which allowed residents to determine that the LLC is responsible for the hanging of the sign. Requesting that the sign be removed immediately.
  • 3206 Barton Ave Richmond, VA 23222, USA - Brookland Park
    Green Ford station wagon. VA plates: VBP-9228 Car was left more than 12 days ago, has not been touched
  • Trash in ally road. Acknowledged
    3116 Woodrow Ave - Brookland Park
    Trash scattered in alley from yard.
  • 3017 Hanes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    3017 Hanes ave Richmond VA 23222 rear or property is completely overgrown. please see picture . thank you
  • 3111 Cliff Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Please cut grass complaint from other resident
  • 3200 Barton Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    VA Plate: ZJE 4761
    Maroon Chrysler LH5, 4DR
  • 3307 Garland Avenue Richmond VA 23222, Richmond, VA - Brookland Park
    This home has been abandoned and unattended since I move to the neighborhood 4 years ago. It needs to be torn down or sold, this is ridiculous, get it together city govt!
  • 3326 Woodrow Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Gold Mercury Monterey minivan has been there about a week with no tags and a rejected inspection sticker.