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  • 3229 Hanes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Brush and shrubs from house trimming.
  • 3203 North Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Overgrown yard & debris
  • 3009 Fendall Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Hello - this vacant house has grass over a foot tall (in the back, we cut the front yard when able) and the vegetation is coming over onto our property.
  • Other Archived
    Garland Avenue And Brookland Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    NO PARKING SIGN NEEDED at stop sign. Cars are often parked directly under the stop sign at the intersection of Garland Avenue and Brookland Park Blvd., which makes it difficult for drivers to see when pulling out. Per city code, cars should not park within 25-feet of an intersection.
  • 3105 Lamb Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    At E Crawford & Barton Avenue, there is a stop sign that is almost completely covered by tree/brush and is not visible to upcoming traffic.
  • Speed Bump needed Acknowledged
    3231 Hanes Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    We desperately need a speed bump or added stop sign on our street. Hanes Ave is a narrow one-way street with parking on both sides. People drive a dangerous speeds from Ladies Mile to Crawford St. We have a ton of kids in the neighbor, and many walk to the elementary school that is located at Hanes Ave and Crawford St. We need a stop sign or speed bump immediately to regulate these aggressive drivers before someone gets hurt.
  • Potholes Archived
    1308 & 1310 Brookland Park Blvd. Richmond, VA - Brookland Park
  • Yard waste Archived
    3220 Hanes Richmond, VA - Brookland Park
    brush, big pile in alley
  • 3307 Garland Ave Richmond, VA - Brookland Park
    this house is abandoned. the yard in the front is overgrown almost to the street. the grass needs to be cut asap. animals could be living in the grass and neighbors are concerned. the house is blighted and an eyesore.
  • 3102 North Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Building is open. vacant property bank owned. open windows. roof is coming of building. please see picture thank you
  • 3205 North Ave Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    The power company has informed me that they will not re-energize my line until the city does their part cleaning up the debris. Trees from the vacant lot are laying in the alley, when is this going to be fixed?
  • Potholes Archived
    Brookland Park Boulevard To Garland Avenue To Crawford Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Brookland Park
    Forrest White, 804. 329.1414, phoned and stated there were approximately 4 to 5 Huge Potholes located in the alleys located at Brookland Park Boulevard with Garland Avenue and Crawford Avenue. Very large but not a sinkhole yet, as water is standing in these potholes.