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  • Berkshire Valley Rd And Rt 15 - Morris County
    Need to install a turning arrow light from Berkshire Valley Rd. to RT 15 North. At times only one car can make it accross 15.
  • 5 E Main St Rockaway, NJ 07866 - Rockaway
    The corner of Main st. & Wall st. needs Trafic light at rush hour U can't move throw this croner
  • 1103 Birch Street Boonton, NJ 07005, USA - Boonton

    Highland Avenue has become the short-cut to avoid Boonton Avenue. In addition to this road being a very heavily traveled local road, speeding has made this road more dangerous.

    One particular cross section, Highland Avenue and Birch Street, is navigated regularly by school children making their way to Our Lady of Mt Carmel or to School Street School. Vehicles traveling on Highland not only exceed the speed limit, but do not stop for these children crossing the road.

    A 4-way stop sign would be ideal, but at the least speed humps would slow drivers down.

  • 8 Ridgedale Avenue Cedar Knolls, NJ - Hanover Township
    From Route 10 to at least Malapardis Road there are several potholes that are getting worse all the time on both sides of Ridgedale Avenue. I work at 8 Ridgedale Avenue and I fear popping a tire one of these days if this is not fixed.
  • Traffic Light Archived
    326 Mt Hope Ave Dover, NJ 07801, USA - Morris County
    Left turn traffic light for north bound traffic on Mt Hope Ave turning west onto Mt Pleasant ave needs to be adjusted. Only 2-3 cars can pass through a green light during each turn of the light.
  • Whitehall Towaco, NJ 07082, USA - Montville
    From railroad over pass to Pinebrook Rd. the surface is nothing but patches, for years already. Every new hole becomes a lump when they patch.
  • 12-14 E Dewey Ave Wharton, NJ 07885, USA - Wharton
    During the day there is always traffic on E. Dewey Ave. heading toward Main St. At times it will backup onto Route 15. The majority of the traffic flow at this intersection comes from this direction. Also, with the closing of the Rt. 46 doesn’t help. The traffic light timing should be adjusted to accommodate the western traffic flow on E. Dewey Ave.
  • 3 Whitehall Rd Towaco, NJ 07082, USA - Montville

    Potholes, craters

    Under bridge off of 202 by Towaco train station

  • Rt 202 And Whitehall Rd Towaco - Montville
    Flooding under the RailRoad Bridge has been a long running and consistant problem. This very moring about a foot of water accumulated under the bridge and now with a light there cars sit in the water.
  • Corner Of Farmstead Drive And Knoll Road In Parsippany - Morris County
    The school crossing guard parks his car within a few feet of the Stop Sign at the corner of Farmstead Drive and Knoll Road in Parsippany. This forces any car approaching the Stop Sign on Farmstead Drive to go around his car and stop on the opposite side of the road. Cars come around the corner fast from Knoll Road onto Farmstead and do not expect a car to be stopped on their side of the road. On several occasions, I have had near miss head on collisions where I have had to hold my hand on the horn to avoid being hit. This is just one example of a situation that prevails at many crossing guard intersections, not only in Parsippany but other towns.
  • 35 E Main St Rockaway, NJ 07866, USA - Rockaway
    extremely and unnecessarily bumpy
  • 5 Clarke Place Mt Tabor Nj - Morris County
    uneven road surface on Clarke place makes it very difficult walking for senior citizens, just walking from our front door to our garage is a challenge as I have had Vascular bypass on my leg, and my wife has had two small TIA's that makes uneven road a hazzard