Virginia Department of Transportation

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Virginia Department of Transportation, Richmond district. For: filling potholes, drainage cleaning, water drainage, guard rail replacement, bridge work, signs, traffic lights, dead animal, tree or trash removal.

Notified About

  • Mid-Lothian Mines Park Midlothian, VA - Chesterfield County
    Vulgar words and images in tunnel to/from Mines and big pond on N. Woolridge.
  • 4501-4567 Millridge Pkwy Midlothian, VA 23112, USA - Chesterfield County
    VDOT came by a month ago to make a repair and what they did was the worst, most ridiculous repair ever seen. The section was better before they did the " Repair"
  • 8201-8299 Buford Oaks Dr Bon Air, VA 23235, USA - Bon Air
    gravel unloaded on parts of Buford Oaks Dr., Buford Oaks Court, and Buford Oaks Circle. All cul-de -sacs left unpaved, left large holes (untouched) in the neighborhood. Road was never paved/completed, leaving the whole neighborhood looking like a country unpaved road. Work crew said a "slurry" of tar would be put down(3 weeks ago). this neighborhood had a "slurry" many years ago. It needs to be "paved". Please respond. This has been like this for weeks.
  • Downed tree Archived
    8820-8898 West Huguenot Road Richmond, VA 23235, USA - Richmond
    A large tree with broken branches is down right by the side of the road just before the right-turn lane at the intersection of Huguenot Road and Stony Point Road.
  • please save our cars-- pot holes all over on Rt 288 between Hull St and Rt 95. It's like a war zone dodging all the pot holes. Terrible Road!!!! It's in both directions! Please hurry!
  • Powhite Parkway Richmond, Virginia - Bon Air

    Northbound 76 near the exit for Chippenham north.

    Right lane is a dangerous mess...many new very wide 'holes' - lots of cars trying to move to the left lane to avoid the right lane. This area has been in need of resurfacing for several years. I drive it everyday and dread it...

  • Chippenham Pkwy Richmond, VA 23225, USA - Bon Air
    Large pothole near the end of the ramp from Powhite Pkwy southbound onto Chippenham Pkwy southbound
  • 14220 Midlothian Turnpike Richmond, VA - Chesterfield County
    Deer are being repeatedly hit crossing from the small patch of forest next to the Ivymont Square Shopping Center (housing Kroger, etc.) and the grassy lot across the street. Please investigate and put up a sign to help out the deer. At least those who pay attention to such signs will slow and keep a look out. Otherwise, drivers are caught unaware, as with a shopping center right there you don't expect to see deer.
  • 10800 Rufford Rd Chester, VA 23831, USA - Chester
    288 southbound just before crossing over Jeff Davis Hwy there is what amounts to a speed bump across both lanes. It is completely unavoidable. PLEASE just pound it down and spread some of that gray filler there VDOT. Thanks!
  • Craters!! Archived
    14130 Alcorn Way Midlothian, VA 23114, USA - Chesterfield County
    There are multiple large(!) potholes at both entrances to Sedgwick Village on cold field Road (I think it is southbound) just after John Tyler and Just before the Presbyterian Church. They are getting more dangerous by the day and you cannot see them at night!
  • Edgetree Ct Midlothian, VA - Chesterfield County
    Street completely torn up with multiple potholes after plowing from FIRST snow.
  • Poor repairs Archived
    State Highway 288 Chesterfield, VA 23832, USA - Chesterfield County
    Poor repairs falling apart.